You’ll pop over this move: Aaron Fisher’s One-Hand Popover now available

December 18th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Remember Search and Destroy? The video that featured almost 90 minutes of instruction on one trick? That video was more like a lecture, it was so filled with valuable advice, slick subtleties and a maneuver that redefined the bluff pass.

Aaron Fisher is back with an in-depth video into another one of his excellent creations from his book, The Paper Engine. The One-Hand Popover, based on J.K. Hartman’s Popover, is an eye-popping sleight that is part revelation, part flourish and all eye-catching, beautiful sleight of hand. With barely any movement, a single card shoots face-up from the deck like a switchblade.

Since it appeared in print about 10 years ago, Fisher has expanded and sharpened the move. See for yourself in the trailer. Aaron has added a ton of practical uses for the move, including stabs, transpositions and productions. It also features Fisher’s thorough instruction that should send viewers straight to their magic libraries for more education. And the video features direction by Wayne Houchin and Dana Hocking, so of course it looks sharp and shows exactly what you need to see.

This is one of those moves that will open the doors to your creativity and presentation. And flourishers: You’ll get a lot of mileage out of this simple maneuver. Make it your own. Make it pop.

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