Wizardry with words: Magician pairs puzzles with prestidigitation

October 10th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

We love seeing innovators in magic, and a report from Vulture.com introduced us to a guy with a puzzling presentation. David Kwong creates crossword puzzles on the fly, only the names of chosen cards will be spelled out in the results.

The routine gets major attention — even from David Copperfield:

“Even David Copperfield, who had been checking his own iPhone and whispering to his fiancée in the audience for much of the night, sat upright in his chair. The two Davids have been collaborating on developing film projects that feature magic, puzzles, and illusions ever since the highest-earning magician saw Kwong perform in Vegas in April, and Copperfield is still surprised by what he can do.”

The Harvard graduate recently quit his film development job at DreamWorks Animation to focus on magic full-time. The Magic Castle performer was recently on tour with Mumford and Sons, performed at A-list clubs and for corporate clients such as Google.

Why should you care?

Because Kwong has incorporated a command of trivia into his act. He makes words from Scrabble tiles and has memorized the periodic table, Morse code, naval flags and more, fusing it all into a brainy, brilliant magic. Anything — ANYTHING — can be magical with the right performance.

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