David Stone’s ‘Window’ shatters reality

June 29th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel, General, Products

Window by David Stone

Click the picture above, and prepare your jaw for immediate detachment.

David Stone, Jean-Luc Bertrand and Mickael Chatelain have teamed up to produce the most incredible card-through-window effect to date. Beautifully simple, incredibly easy and amazingly effective, Window is a perfect combination of visual elegance and utter amazement. In other words, this effect speaks for itself, and uses only two words: “holy” and “crap.”

What, don’t buy our florid prose? Fine. Just watch for yourself. (Warning: Link contains a mind-blowing trailer.)

Window is now available exclusively from Ellusionist for $69.95. It includes a killer DVD packed with presentational ideas and a precision, handmade gimmick. Also, we have a couple of sweet podcasts:

  • Stone and Bertrand will talk at length about their creative process, the magic scene in France and how Window was developed.
  • Download

  • Brad Christian, founder and president of Ellusionist, will give you some presentation ideas and talk more about the effect.
  • Download


  1. All i have to say is WOW, This is by far the most amazing card through window illusions i have ever seen, Things like this illusion just scream WHAT THE F***…

  2. Ellusionist on:

    New blog post: David Stone’s ‘Window’ shatters reality http://bit.ly/TtvjO

  3. Absolutely brilliant! Simplistic in nature yet so deviously clever. Buy it now…!

  4. Why your podcast on itune doesnt work? I sooo wanted to download those podcasts on my ipad nano and listen it when i have to spend a lot of time driving in bus. Please, make new podcasts…