When politics, pasteboards mix

October 6th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

A note about the video below: We are NOT endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for president; we are NOT making editorial comments about President George W. Bush. There are plenty of fine, outstanding places on the Internet to bludgeon each other with your political views. So ignore the politics, and watch this interesting application of the old “Unshuffled” trick (the concept behind it is covered briefly in Xtreme Beginnerz Vol. 1) from the blog Magic Utopia:

In the interest of balance: If someone knows of a card-related video for McCain-Palin, or wants to submit one, let me know. (On video submissions: Follow the same guidelines outlined in the Member Videos section of the Ellusionist forums.)


  1. That is the coolest magic politic trick ever!

  2. Ignoring the politics, the shuffling and the conclusion comes together for an impressive display.

  3. Very nice. I personally would never use magic to make any political statement. It seems very sacreligous to me. That’s just my opinion though.