What are your plans for next year? Time to plan your magic

December 31st, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

We’ve made it through 2012. We all survived a crazy, turbulent year filled with natural disasters, political changeovers and a Mayan apocalypse. Through the horrors of the days, we were there to help people see that there was still magic in the world. Well done, you guys.

So, on the last day of the year, what’s your plan for 2013? Resolutions are one thing, but we’re talking about a big picture here.

Where will you take your magic next year?

Now is the perfect time to dream. If you don’t have it quite figured out by the time the new year rings in, no worries. This is to help you get started, restarted or recommitted to your goals. Whether you are just starting out, keeping up a business or planning your next big prime-time TV special, there are ways you can improve and expand on what you are doing right now:

  • ~ If you don’t have a big-picture goal, figure one out. Do you want to be the next David Copperfield? Do you want to quit your job so you can work magic full time? Do you want to create or perform? Whatever it is, write it down, draw a picture; record it somehow so that you can keep your eye on your prize. Also, this will be your motivation when things get tough.
  • ~ Figure out smaller steps to your big steps. If your major dream is the destination, then this is you planning your route on a map. If you’re driving somewhere, you check a map, do the math and figure out how long it will take, where you can get gas, etc. Pursuing your dream is the same thing. Make reasonable small steps that take you slowly toward where you wanna go. This will help keep you on track, and away from distractions.
  • ~ Consider your practice. Are you improving what you should? Are you doing too much? Think about your practice and whether you should increase or decrease a bit. Also, think about WHAT you are practicing. You may have the time to expand your repertoire a bit.
  • ~ Consider branching out. We’re not talking going from cards to mentalism (although there is nothing wrong with that). Learn other important parts of your art. Here’s a big one: Performance studies. We see a lot of absolutely awesome hands in videos — hands that have mastered some incredible skills. But we don’t see a lot of FACES. And if you hope to really move people with your magic, and get them to believe that there are miracles out there, we’re pretty sure you’re going to have to talk to them. Learn communication and performance skills. They are critical.
  • ~ Pursue inspiration from non-magic sources. There are so many great books in the non-fiction section. Check the self-help and small business sections: You’ll find a lot that can help.
  • ~ Stick to your plan. Things will get tough. Plans will derail. Crap happens. But your dream is worth the fight, no matter how ugly it gets. If you’ve set reasonable goals, there’s nothing you can’t achieve — setbacks are only delays in the action. Learn what you can from them, then remember why you made those mistakes in the first place.

We wish you all the best pursuing your goals and dreams in the new year. Remember that we are here for you: Stay in touch with us on our Facebook and Twitter sites, and meet a ton of like-minded, supportive magicians on our Performance HQ Forums.

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