Welcome back: Ellusionist resumes service to Singapore

January 20th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

The home of the Black Tiger is proud to offer its products to one of the Four Asian Tigers. We are once again able to send packages to Singapore.

Previously, Ellusionist had removed availability to Singapore because of an extremely high number of returned packages, reported as “package could not be delivered” or “address not found.” We come across from time to time, but not at the statistically anomalous levels we were getting. We have worked tirelessly the past few months to resume our service, and finally we’re able to announce that we can again ship to Singapore.

For those who order from Singapore, please be aware that fulfillment of your order may be delayed by up to 24 hours while we verify address and shipping details, to ensure you get your package. That means that if you order after 1 p.m. on a Monday, your order should ship no later than Wednesday of the same week. We apologize in advance for the delay, but it means that you join the ranks of those international customers who get their awesomeness delivered by the postman.

Also noteworthy: Because Singapore is a separate city/state from Malaysia (it’s its own country — it’s like the New York, N.Y. of the South Pacific), we have not been able to do the same for Malaysians yet.


  1. Singapore is a separate country, not city/state.

  2. Yes! Thanks Ellusionist!

  3. Wedding Magician on:

    I love Singapore – great to have a magical presence there!!

  4. I’m puzzled I have been ordering with E all this while for about a year which shipped directly to my Sg address.

  5. SasukeKenzan on:

    Yes! Thank you all so much! Wish this could have happened back when the wristband promotion was on ^_^ll

  6. Marcus Khor on:

    Hi Ellusionist !!! You can service to Singapore but you can’t service to Malaysia?! I lived in Malaysia and I wanna to buy done stuff at ellusionist.com!!!! I hope u reply me and agree service to Malaysia. Thank you

  7. Marcus Khor on:

    What did u mean ” Singapore isa separate country from Mlaysia, we have not been able to do the same for Malaysians yet”??Every country is separate and Malaysia is very close to Singapore!! If u can service to Singapore why not Malaysia? Please replay me and I hope u agree service to Malaysia

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