Wednesday’s mystery sale item: Glass

May 12th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Today’s mystery item is a great effect with a ton of transparent uses: Glass.

Created by the ingenious rock star Adam Grace, Glass is a system that lets you manipulate ink from a dry-erase marker on both sides of a piece of glass. Instead of being a one-trick pony, Adam lets you develop your own miracles: The DVD is packed with more than 15 applications and effects. You can melt someone’s initials through glass. You can reveal a card. You can do all kinds incredible, ultra-visual effects.

Those of you who have Ringtone and Frozen know that Adam’s effects are solid. This system is worth the time and effort to learn. It’s practical, mostly clean (hey, dry-erase markers are messy. Not gonna lie), completely examinable and very simple.

For today only, Glass is 40 percent off its usual price. It’s part of the Five 40% Days Sale.

What’s coming tomorrow? Check back then.


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