Wayne Houchin: The Ellusionist Interview

June 1st, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews, Criss Angel, General, Products

Editor’s note: In the podcast below, Wayne Houchin references an effect called “Candy Scam.” Since the release, the effect has been removed from Art of Magic because of a creation issue. Houchin and magician Luke Dancy, who published the effect independently in 2001, are working together so that the effect can be released in a future production.

Wayne Houchin, who is fast-becoming a legend for his close-up creations, started out thinking big. His first magic creations came as a child: He would make cardboard re-creations of illusions he saw on David Copperfield specials. He performed those stage-magic for crowds of tens at retirement homes, including a floating rose routine done with a cheap, plastic rose and a Bryan Adams song playing in the background. How’d those shows go?

“They were terrible, but I liked them,” he said.

Houchin talked about his beginnings in magic and much more during the latest installment of The Ellusionist Interview series. He talked about what drove him to learn and master video production skills, the best lesson he learned from Criss Angel and who he got to see during a recent vacation.

He also dished some major information about his upcoming work, “Art of Magic,” including:

  • The amount of magic effects taught on the project. Here’s a spoiler: He described an effect that uses a vending machine.
  • Why “Art of Magic,” like all good DVDs, will have a sequel. Yes, you read that right: There will be a second volume.
  • More about the highlight of the DVD: A documentary about the state of magic today, featuring interviews with Aaron Fisher, David Regal and more.
  • More about what he has planned for the winners of Ellusionist’s release contest. The 20 top winners are going to be lucky indeed.

Click the play button below to listen to this incredible podcast:

Art of Magic will be available from Ellusionist on June 11 for $34.95. The latest teasers can be found here. And, in other WH news:

  • Wayne’s daily updates should resume today. He took a break from them for a while because of the production schedule for AoM. There’s not a lot of pros who bust their butts daily to provide this kind of content: The updates are worth every minute you spend watching them.
  • Wayne and Dana Hocking were also featured in this week’s iTricks Magic Week in Review. We haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but Justin Robert Young knows how to get magicians talking and produce a great show.


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