Warner unveils poster for record attempt

September 2nd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

The date for Andrew Warner’s attempt to break the world record for sleep deprivation nears. To commemorate the event, he released a pretty slick-looking poster.

Designed by his friend Ben Cheney, the poster is available for pre-order on Warner’s Web site. Warner says good night to sweet dreams on Sept. 22, after which he hopes to stay awake for more than 266 hours. The stunt will be recorded for an upcoming TV special that also includes some of his street magic performances.


  1. This is very dangerous, and can cause permanent brain damage up to brain death.

  2. I Heard Guiness Stopped Endorsing This Type Of Record Because Of The Health Issues Involved.

  3. Read the chapter on sleep in “Brain Rules” by John Mendes (I think); it is also availabe for free on brainrules.net/dvd. It’s worth reading this book. Point is, sleep deprivation is dangerous. You’re not allowed to torture people that way..like waterboarding.
    It’s also a bad example for wannabe adolescents. And what does it really prove? Spend the time doing community service..donate blood..put on a free show at the local VA hospital.
    But then again, them’s just my thoughts

  4. wow…. and i thought i stayed up a long time when i was up for like 72 hours… this guy must be nutty, tho with the right ammount of monsters im sure i could do it 😀