Vector: An impromptu Haunted Pack effect that’s all style, no setup

February 9th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Haunted Pack: Great effect, but the setup can be challenging if you’re not prepared or don’t have the right stuff. That’s what Patrick Kun thought about the classic trick. Building on the work of others, he figured out a way to present an authentic Haunted Pack effect without a lick of setup.

That’s a big deal, because the Haunted Pack is one of the creepiest, bizarre card tricks ever created. With either the power of your mind, the whim of your imagination or with the help of the spirit world (pick your favorite presentation), the cards move by themselves in front of your spectators’ eyes. Heck yeah.

Vector is a 100 percent off-the-cuff presentation of a Haunted Pack. Your spectators will choose a card and lose it in the deck. Then they will see the deck move itself slowly, like that steak creeping across the counter in “Poltergeist,” then it will eject itself and shoot out like Carol Anne across the kitchen floor. Creepy as get out. Or funny as heck, depending on your presentation.

Vector is available right now as a download. Get it, learn it, then go creep some peeps.


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