Var18 wins Post of the Week

August 30th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

The dictionary outlines a pretty clear difference between the words improbable and impossible. However, the difference is even more important for magicians. It’s the difference between a really great trick and miraculous magic.

So argues forum member Var18, of Pennsylvania, in this thread he posted last week. In it, he tells how his brother’s reactions led him to realize how to improve his performances. His post is very reminiscent of what Darwin Ortiz writes about in his book “Strong Magic.” Because we’re reading that book right now, and because his post started a great conversation, Var18 wins this week’s Post of the Week.

Go check the thread out and give him props, cred or whatever congratulatory noun feels right. Then think about how you can make your magic tricks even more impossible.


  1. New blog post: Var18 wins Post of the Week

  2. New blog post: Var18 wins Post of the Week