Use of Ellusionist logo not authorized in any ‘revelation’ shows

April 26th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

It has recently come to our attention that a magician on a TV show in the Philippines is allegedly revealing magic effects and methods under the banner of Ellusionist — specifically, while wearing a hat bearing the Ellusionist logo.

We have heard reports about a rerun of “Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed” dubbed into the Pinoy language. We have also heard reports that magician Bearwin Meily (pictured from one of his previous shows, “Thou Shalt Not Blink”) is involved in similar segments that reveal magic tricks, including some close-up classics. Because he is allegedly wearing the Ellusionist logo, it creates the impression that we endorse or sponsor his efforts.

Ellusionist has yet to see such video, or to hear from Meily himself about the nature of the show. But from the amount of letters and e-mails we’ve received from our Pinoy fans, we feel it’s necessary to make a statement frowning on any such revelation shows.

Ellusionist does not condone, sponsor, endorse or otherwise support any sort of exposure that reveals methods simply for the sake of telling secrets. We do not authorize the use of our logo, training materials or products in such efforts or productions.

Such revelation we consider the highest form of disrespect to the legendary geniuses who created and performed such effects or illusions. Magic has a long history that stretches for centuries. Our current artists build upon the works of those giants even today. While Ellusionist is a company that makes instructional videos, those are produced in cooperation with, or give full credit to, any creators involved. They are produced for the sake of passing on the art of magic to willing students who want to perform and give a sense of awe and mystery to their audiences.

We have been involved in TV shows before, such as VH-1’s “Celebracadabra,” and we know the intense effort it takes to protect magic secrets and methods. Our company or its employees would never agree to any sort of sponsorship or affiliation that exposes magic tricks in such a reckless manner.

Meily has produced and starred in several successful street magic shows, such as “Thou Shalt Not Blink” and “Stealing Minds.” He has had prior friendly relationships with Ellusionist and its staff. So we hope these reports about him exposing magic tricks are simply rumors. We hope that is not what Meily is doing, and we look forward to him setting the record straight with us.


  1. Stefanos Stefou on:

    I belive this thing to reveal the card tricks its very bad because the people when see and learn the card trick and one guy go to make street magic and the spectatore say to him i know how its done and start telling the magician he will scary to get out again to street magic now some other magicians of the will not pay for them card tricks will not care about but i am care and i belive this have to stop. thx

    Stefanos Stefou

  2. Kristoffer Chua on:

    staffs of Ellusionist, Brad Christian. This is not a rumor. I myself as an old and regular member of Ellusionist have witnessed and frowned about this already. I’ve watched him reveal various close-up card tricks via national television in the Philippines. there will be another segment of him revealing the secrets I will send the video as soon as we get a copy. from TV5.

  3. Kristoffer Chua on:

    next program on tv5 to reveal magics from berwin is 1st of May 2011 7:30pm Philippine time +8 GMT

  4. this is confirmed i haven’t watched this but according to my fellow magician it is true.


  6. About time! We Filipino’s tried to stop that show in TV5, but they didn’t listen to us because we were just part of the common people. About time that a Big Company stepped up and stopped this crap. Thank you Ellusionist!

  7. It’s True! It’s True!

  8. I’m a Filipino and I just wanna say that
    Thank you for stopping that crap from airing…

    thanks MR.TOM D. and Ellusionist..

  9. This is so true…. There is a tv show here in the Philippines called MAGIC? GIMIK! which exposes a lot of classic magic.

    And also if it is now hard to perform to people here because of those shows….
    Thank you for banning those craps..

  10. I’m Really disappointed..

    Many Filipinos will not Believe in magic anymore…. ):

  11. It’s hard to think new tricks that can really look supernatural, true, unrealistic but completely impromptu…. I’m currently thinking and creating one to revive true magic… tsktsktstksk

  12. Gabriel Allan Peregrina on:

    Definitely right MR.PJ2..

    It’s hard to think new tricks…

  13. Hello Ellusionist.. This is true.. Bearwin revealed the BIDDLE TRICK, one of the trick Sir Brad Christian thought on hi DVD, INSIDE MAGIC.. He just used other routine and he called he hypnotism, but the the principle is same as in biddle..

  14. to the ellusionist, this is confirmed. he did reveal some magics. and the station TV5 even mentioned ur logo that bearwin was the only filipino magician that uses ur things and all that.. pls do make a move to stop this meily guy. i dont think that it is necessary to reveal the biddle trick and the ABO SA BRASO (ash to arm). many magicians still uses that method or trick. im a magician here in philippines and im a member of a magic group ( CLASSIF13D) and we are against that bearwin meily!!!

  15. Just try to make sure that the show doesn’t grow more popular and

  16. I bet ellusionist can file a complaint about that crappy show. He tried to say that he was affiliated with you anyway. And you weren’t so please do shut this person up.

    On a lighter note. He never was a good magician anyway. He is the worst among Filipino TV magicians.

  17. im am a #1 meily’s fans .. but when i read about this .. BRRRRR !!
    ellusionist can make a report or file a case for meily !


  19. Nikko D’lite on:

    he should be banned to all magic community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. salamangkiko on:

    hahaha. i agree with kent berwin is the worst magician in the philippines. berwin is the automatic magician hahaha. automatic coz most of his trick is self working skills. looser

  21. this is true

  22. patrickmagician on:

    bearwin is a trash

  23. To: GBCONRAD
    Pls if you are a member of us Identify yourself. If not Pls NEVER use Our Name “CLASSIF13D” on other post! Thank You!

    From: C-13 Founder

  24. Why Magic GImik revealed a magic tsk tsk tsk

  25. To berwin,

    Please die now, if not?!
    you will die in my magic!

    you ruined the art of magic in the Philippines!
    Think about it mate!

  26. John Ronald on:

    Yeah I’m pretty much dissapointed with Berwin…and I hate the show.

  27. Berwin is nothing!, but a second great trying hard cockroach! He’s really out of his mind! Pretending to be someone!you destroy the livelihood of the magicians. Sad to say, but this is really true…

  28. Berwin is nothing!, but a second great trying hard cockroach! He’s really out of his mind! Pretending to be someone!you destroy the livelihood of the magicians. Sad to say, but this is really true…

  29. He is already a Persona non grata in the philippine magic community,.

  30. I strongly recommend that they (Ellusionist) should file a complaint or sue for unauthorized use of a logo or trademark.

    I also think that they (TV5) should stop calling him a masked magician. How can you be a magician if you do not do magic? You’re revealing it? He should be called a masked revealer of magic. You cannot call a person something that he is not.

  31. I hope major TV network will read this blog and the comments.

  32. bearwin sucks!

  33. A magician knows how to do his tricks without getting caught and leaves the audience in awe. But a great magician will do his tricks with great precision and effort because he knows his craft well and will leave the audience in awe and wanting more.
    This is what separates us great magicians from Bearwin Meily. He does his tricks for selfish gains and not for love of the art itself.
    We all know how much effort we put into every magic act we produce hence the reason why we do not reveal, yet people like Bearwin still exist to counter our beliefs.
    Let us not leave this situation unattended, let us make sure due actions are taken against him.
    I am a magician myself, and it saddens me to see that there is such a person as Bearwin who is now on a level so low not even satan would be happy to have him.
    I hope that his conscience doesn’t allow him to sleep, because the truth of the matter is, he has greatly affected the magic societies especially those whose sole livelihood is to do magic acts.

  34. Ruther Urquia on:


    Sadly, it’s not just a rumor but a proven fact sir. The whole Philippine magic community was shocked when the episode with Meiley, revealing the secrets of the trade, came out. Worse, it was presented in a very arrogant manner, as if Magic is fraudulent. Just last night, after a lengthy deliberation among all the leaders of the magic clubs in Manila, Philippines, Meily was formally declared Persona Non Grata by the whole Magic Community.

    We’d like to ask your permission for us to use your statement also as we make an appeal to the local network that features the magic reveal show.

    Thank you so much and our kindest regards.

    Ruther Urquia
    President of The Magicians Foundation Inc.
    IBM Ring 322

  35. this is sad. im also from the philippines. bearwin is destroying the filipino name in magic. :(

  36. Pocholo : bearwin is doin magic in the last few years. (without revealing). hes damn good. but idk what happened to him now..

  37. thisismyfakeID on:

    bearwin was in the mitz of competetion from higher rated magicians from the philipines like alakim and jeffrey tam thats why he copied other magic shows like criss angle’s mind freak he reveals some close up tricks but unlike the other magicians they reveal thier own original creations

  38. i’m not a magician but i sympathized to all magician regarding this matter. i watched that segment last April 04, 2011 and i realized why he had to reveal all his tricks. for a not a magician or illusionist like me, i was happy when i knew how that kind of magic goes on. but in a contrary, it will decrease the interest of the viewer. for me, it should stop immediately before it’s too late. as all we know magic tricks becomes more popular even in tv commercials, tv shows, parties, and a lot more.

  39. the reputation of Filipino magicians dipped because of this mindless attempt to make a name(and money)

    he claimed that he is Sponsored by

  40. i think the best way to reveal magic tricks is by teaching it personally not by airing it on national television ,

  41. I too was disappointed when I saw Bearwin revealed those card trick.. But I think he is really sponsored by Ellusionist but does not know that Bearwin will reveal some magic tricks. I hope Bearwin will explain everything here in

  42. not good for the magic community here in the philippines…

  43. Neil P. K. on:

    I hate that show on tv5. I really hate it, whenever I perform the basics they already know it and that upsets me very much since I can’t entertain people anymore. Performing here in the Philippines is becoming more and more difficult every time a trick is revealed especially the basic tricks that are often performed by people who are just getting started in magic and are now being discouraged thanks to that show. I really hope that show stops soon not only because it reveals the skills we use but because it really is a bad show that I really hate seeing. I hope ellusionist does something about this.

    The name of the show is “MAGIC GIMIK” and it annoys me very much.

  44. @Neil

    Dont be mad on TV5.. The magic that are showed on that show are stage magics and not street magics.

    And they dont do that show here in Philippines, they just translate it.


    heres the link of the second episode… and hes wearing your cap again…

  46. plz stop Bearwin .

  47. I agree with NeilP.K. I also experienced what he says on his comment. I despise people making exposure shows about magic whether on tv or you tube! ANO NGAYON MASASABI MO BEARWIN? AKALA MO KUNG SINO KA NANG MAGALING SA MAJICA PARA GUMAWA NG GANYANG SHOW! MABASA MO SANA TO GAGO!

  48. Ikbenjasper on:

    calm down guys, evrything was already done. All we can do now is use more nice tricks that is simple but caught attention on our audience, like me i can say im still a beginner coz in my intire life i was thought on videos of my friend but i do those basic sleights like glide and versions of key card, and i do them on more talk and distractions. 😐

  49. dark saint on:

    to ellusionist staff and mr. brad christian,

    let us cease maily from reveling the tricks. one of my officemetes watched the biddle trick that mr. brad christian taught in his dvd. although he didnt perform it well but the fact that he knows the method through watching the M…. G…… show on tv5. it really hurts me. i’ve been doing magic tricks for about more than 3 years, it really hurts me thatthose tricks was reveled for free on national tv here in the philippines on primetime. the forcing of the cards and the ash was also reveled and my officemate told me that bearwin even said that he is the only filipino that was supported by i dint believe because for me, ellussionist is a credible organization in the magic industry. i was expecting these post and your reaction on the above matter. this is not a rumor.

  50. Ikbenjasper on:

    Guys correct me if I’m wrong. As what I saw from the last episode of the show, his not now revealing tricks anymore, i think he learned his lesson.

  51. I think MAGIC GIMIK just edited that episode. Maybe Bearwin was aware of the negative reaction on this site. Im still surprised that Bearwin DA BEAR Meily exposed some magic. He even said that he never exposed a trick even on his wife. Maybe he was paid big amount of money.

  52. Ikbenjasper on:

    Oh yeah i remember on his thou shall not blink movie, he said that he won’t reveal a trick that easy. So bastylei maybe right. :)

  53. It’s true I have seen that guy on a TV show in the Philippines . . . the TV show is called magic gimmik . . . serves him right banning those craps.. :/
    a magician never reveals secret on public . .
    magician should perform magic and never repeat the magic . .
    a magician never perform magic unless he/she masterd it completely .

    that guy is a disgrace to the Philippines . .
    we Filipinos magician are asking for forgiveness about the attitude of that guy..

  54. I am hoping that ellusionist magician should not became angry to some filipino magician . . . because some of the people here in the Philippines are amaze in magic . . .

    ellusionist magician should became angry to that filipino star who use the logo of ellusionist. I believe that guy does not appreciate the magic.

  55. he should be banned to all magic community . . . Majority of us like to banned that crap. That guy should not be accepted to all magic community.

  56. ikbenjasper on:

    eh LJ 123 are you one of the members of the group in the facebook “MAGICIANS AGAINST BEARWIN MEILY!!!!”?. i think he learned his lesson on what he did.

  57. Ikbenjasper on:

    Right nw the show is change, it’s now on it’s new name M**** B*****. And now there is no more tutorials, it’s all performance of pinoy magicians and there showing those performace of CRIS ANGEL on it’s mindfreak series.

  58. Yes ikbenjasper I am . . I must . .
    Huh hope he will never do such crazy tricks again.
    Serves him right he should learn his lesson .

  59. ikbenjasper on:

    hmm i’m still watching the show and there is no more tutorials. even mr. meily is now not part of the show.

  60. ikbenjasper on:

    hey., whose still watching the show? lol

  61. RICK BASILIO on:

    I’m a filipino so I am also Dissapointed with bearwin….
    because every magician do hard things just to think this tricks and he will just reveal it….
    so reckless ….

  62. Too sad Bearwin had gave in to revealing some of the tricks that we are all accustomed to do. I’ve respected him before when I am not yet into magic and all I can say is that he is truly a loss from the magic family. He is one of those Filipino magicians, aside from Jeffrey Tam, that I greatly admire for their sleight of hand and stunning techniques. Unfortunately, he no longer can continue his legacy due to the violations that he had incurred into the industry and community of magic. I hope he would still be back into the light and ask for apology to our brethren and sisters, because he is really a loss. :(

  63. Rockem: yes i am aware of his skills, but i cannot truly say that i am impressed. I have been a professional host and magician for the last 18 years and I know a lot of less-famous magicians who are better and have good sense to respect the art of magic and the efforts of the people who created the illusions we use today. What happened to him? My honest opinion is that he got greedy and inly thought of the fame and money that he was going to get. All that is temporary. If you think about it, he obviously did not give it much thought before he agreed to doing the show.