Uncut sheets return with Cyber Monday, along with 15% discount

November 26th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Most people see decks of cards in small boxes. The printing process behind cards is largely unknown to the general public. That’s why the sight of an uncut sheet is, in a word, stunning.

But to a magician or lover of cards, an uncut sheet means so much more.

A card mechanic appreciates the strange symmetry and scattering of pips and court cards much more than a normal game fan. And ever since we started this modern craze of custom playing cards, uncut sheets of our decks have become even more in demand.

Our uncut sheets of our signature playing cards have returned as part of our Cyber Monday special, which includes:

  • ~ Uncut sheets starting from $20.
  • ~ 15 percent storewide discount (What’s that? You’re a Black Club member? Make that 20 percent).
  • ~ In addition to our holiday gift tiers, we’ll randomly give out free gifts for all orders over $25. Some of the gifts include Pure Smoke, Gecko signed by creator Jim Rosenbaum, decks of Fathom and Sultan Republic playing cards, Infusion, Bullet, De-Ring, Glass and more.
  • ~ U.S. residents can use PayPal Bill-Me-Later.
  • ~ Black Club members can pick up extra copies of the new, members-exclusive Black Club deck. Limit two decks per member.

These uncut sheets are no posters — these are the real thing, pulled off the presses of the U.S. Playing Card Company right before getting cut into decks. Measuring 22-by-26 3/8 inches, these sheets are suitable for framing, displaying either the backs or the faces.

Uncut sheets start at $25, depending on the deck selected. Heads up: Sheets aren’t available for all of our decks and are subject to availability. And sheets for our rare, collectible decks are available only to Black Club members.

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