Tuesday’s mystery sale item: Mercury DVD

May 12th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Today’s mystery item is a slick packet routine with a ton of uses: Mercury.

You know how Mercury goes: Four kings in your hand, one-by-one, turn themselves over seemingly by themselves. Then, just when you’re ready to turn them back face up, one by one, you change your mind and change them all to aces — then show your audience that the kings have been in the deck the whole time. It’s a powerful packet effect that floors spectators.

David Kong’s effect uses a powerful sleight that you can apply to your own performances. He goes into detail about the move and the subtleties involved and explains the strong and weak parts discovered from countless, real-world performances. He shows you how to do the trick with a borrowed deck, and a version of the trick for those who are unafraid of finishing dirty. Did we mention that this trick uses no gaff cards? That’s probably important to say, but when you do use certain gaff cards, you can make Mercury even more magical.

For today only, the Mercury DVD is 40 percent off its usual price. It’s part of the Five 40% Days Sale.

What’s coming tomorrow? Check back then.


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