True Astonishments giveaway: Three seats added to dinner table

January 6th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Earlier today, Paul Harris contacted Jason Brumbalow, General Manager of Ellusionist, about our exclusive giveaway for the long awaited, nine-DVD set True Astonishments. Not wanting the 10 seats to be decided solely by who mashes a mouse the quickest, he asked for three additional seats to be awarded in a different way.

Of course, we agreed.

Ellusionist is giving a special dinner to the first 10 pre-orders of True Astonishments, featuring Paul Harris at Brad Christian’s house. Here’s the catch: After the first 10 pre-orders get their seat at the table, we will randomly choose three more from all pre-orders (starting at pre-order No. 51) made between Jan. 6 and 16. In addition, each of the 13 will be given something special directly from Paul.

In other words: If you’re not one of the first 10, take heart. You may still have a chance at the dinner of a lifetime. This dinner will feature a special Q&A from the man who, arguably, is responsible for street magic’s popularity today. And, according to a post on the Ellusionist forums, Tim Trono, a good friend of Harris, said that Harris is already planning what he wants to say to the 13.

The official rules for the giveaway are right here. True Astonishments is available for pre-order at 1 p.m. Pacific TODAY.

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