Toledo Magician To Appear on ABC’s Wife Swap

January 18th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under General

ABC Wife SwapOn January 23, Toledo magician Andrew Martin-Portala will appear on the ABC reality show Wife Swap.

According to, Martin-Portala didn’t apply for the show but was contacted by producers seeking a magician to participate. “We contacted magicians through agents, variety shows, and Web pages and had talked to several families until we found the Martin-Portalas and knew that we had hit the jackpot,” said Stef Wagstaffe, Wife Swap’s executive producer.

She said the local family was cast to make some TV magic because of its charm, humor, and because the whole household is involved in magic. It was an offer Martin-Portala, 46, was eager to accept. “I’ve always felt that I was supposed to be on TV,” Andrew said. “You never know who’s going to see it, what will happen.”

The article states that Martin-Portala’s wife Melissa swapped places with a caterer/event planner from California who micromanages the lives of her husband and two children and prides herself in a spotless home.

(Actually this could have been an interesting opportunity since magicians work with caterers & event planners all the time.)

You can read the entire article here on the website.


  1. Matthew F. Wagner on:

    I know this guy. He is in my IBM ring in Toledo. Ring 68. I’ve known about this for like a year and a half and can’t wait to watch this episode!

  2. I have seen him perform! I even have his autograph. I live in Toledo and as I watched the episode of wife swap today it was cool to see the “Sanger branch library” in the background. It’s so COOL!!