Five songs named “Magic” that haven’t been overplayed

January 9th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

The image of magicians is constantly transforming. The top hats and tuxedos are gone from most serious magicians (Steve Cohen is the only guy in a tux who we take seriously.) David Blaine, Cyril Takayama, Dynamo, Mike Super and many others have pushed the traditional look way out of our minds.

Too bad the music hasn’t caught up. We still hear Heart’s “Magic Man,” Steve Miller’s “Abracadabra” and The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Do You Believe in Magic” WAY too much. Great songs, each. But WAY overused by magicians.

Thankfully, artists are thinking of new magic-related songs. Whether they actually have anything to do with magic or not, these new-ish songs should give magicians some new background music. We found songs named “Magic” for this top-five list; if we included all the great magic songs such as “Fly” by Blind Guardian and “Magic Fountain” by Art. vs. Science, the Internet might run out of bits and bytes.

B.o.B: “Magic”

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo gives a great performance for the chorus of B.o.B’s upbeat ode to the mysterious. The guy aka Bobby Ray also namedrops Blaine and the Mindfreak. Good stuff.

Ladyhawke: “Magic”

We had to look up this Kiwi singer on the Internet, the song was that good. There’s not much talk about sleight of hand, but there’s great references about “comin’ to the show.” Part ELO, part New Order, all awesome.

Robin Thicke: “Magic”

This is some dance magic that would make David Bowie proud. Robin Thicke channels his inner Justin Timberlake in this jazzy disco jam.

Emii: “Magic”

We think Emii is going gaga for poker, not magic, if you smell what we’re cookin’. But an appearance by Mark “Marco” Fishman and a lot of legs make this video pretty good.

Joe Hedges: “Magic”

Magician Chris Oberle recently performed on stage with Hedges, for good reason: Is ambient rock even possible? This is a great, synth-driven song that mixes creative songwriting and great vocals with a solid, dream-like foundation. We can’t stop listening to Hedges tribute to magic and alchemy. Go to Joe Hedges’ website for videos of other songs and more.

Special thanks to Toolnard, Steerpike, ETMagic52, Shawn Mullins, Ty Lee and Brandon Sheffield for the great suggestions.


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  2. i vote Emii. She turned me on. I’d shuffle her real good.

  3. There is one song missing
    Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake – Love, Sex and Magic


  4. That’s a good one, too. Good call!

  5. Allan Sanceau on:

    Not called “Magic” but in a similar, albeit harder edged vein:

    The Wizard – Black Sabbath with Ozzy
    Voodoo – Black Sabbath with Dio
    Stargazer – Rainbow with Dio

    Sabracadabra – Black Sabbath with Ozzy (ok, the title gets it on my list, the song lyrics itself doesn’t reference magic, wizards, etc. But what a cool name and a great jam.)

  6. Great blog post! RT @ellusionist: 5 songs named "Magic" that haven't been overplayed –

  7. Has Springsteen’s been overplayed? I think not…

  8. Leonte Alexandru on:

    RT @ellusionist: Five songs named "Magic" that haven't been overplayed

  9. this song doesnt have magic in the title but i think its pretty good, Camilo by Said the Whale. or it might be Camile (the Magician)

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