The Sleeping Queen and her royally awesome promo…

August 11th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Products

Sleeping Queen Video Trailer

Tuesday August 12th 2008
1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern

For the first 3 hours of the Sleeping Queen release, receive $5 OFF your purchase of the Sleeping Queen DVD and/or Download.

And you will also be eligible to be selected the winner of a BLACK GHOST (1st Edition) in BOLTED CASE*

This is a FIRST edition Black Ghost deck tightly BOLTED and secured in a Steel Case. They are scattered around the earth, far and few between. Very few of these ultra-rare beauties have been won. They have and never will be available for retail and the chance to receive one may only come once or twice a year.

Here is your chance to get one.

* For the first 3 hours of the release of Sleeping Queens, we will pick one order to receive this 1st Edition Black Ghost Deck in a Steel Bolted case. You must have the “Sleeping Queen” DVD, Download, or DVD / Download bundle in your completed order to be eligible for the drawing.

Also, for the first 3 hours of the release, we will be discounting the “Sleeping Queen” DVD, Download and Bundle. The DVD or Download will be $19.95 and the DVD & Download bundle will be $27.95.

After the first 3 hours, the prices will be their regular retail price of $24.95 for the DVD or Download and $32.95 for the DVD & Download bundle.

Be there

(Jay Sankey, a well-respected & accomplished magician, devised and published a seemingly similar effect called “REM” available on his Hypervisual DVD, available from Sankey Magic. To avoid confusion, the two effects differ in execution, method and the spectator’s experience.)


  1. you guys are simply awsome!

  2. Siobhan Simmons on:

    I have never had so much interest in magic as much as i do now. I’m saving up all my money to just buy the street magic kit. I havn’t really been this much intrested in magic as much as i do now. I would like to thank you all for showing me all the things you have done. I have fooled all of my family so much. Well i better get going. Your favorite fan, Siobhan PS Thank you so much for EVERYTHING

  3. man i was planning to buy this but the gimmick is sold out. this really sucks

  4. man im glad i didnt buy this id rather by b3nt touch slink

  5. HOT DAMN!!! Got my order and MUCH to my surprise, there was the First Edition Black Ghost deck secured inside the 2 bolted metal plates!!! I can’t wait to start learning this trick so I can add it to my performance!

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