The Last of the UV500 Air-Flow Decks

March 23rd, 2011 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under General

UV500 air-flow

Calling all collectors. After a heavy week of answering requests from people seeking the last of the UV500 Air-Flow decks, I felt it was time to open the doors on which decks are still on the shelf with the UV500 stock and Air-Flow finish.

Now ,before I get into that, if you’re not familiar with the UV500 Air-Flow features and why they are no longer being printed, please refer to this post to clear up any questions. Go ahead, click and read, we’ll wait…

Everything you wanted to know about USPC & Ellusionist, but were afraid to ask.

All up to speed? Supah. Let’s continue…

For the reasons that you read above, the UV500 Air-Flow stock and finish is no longer being printed on the Ellusionist decks (Thanks USPC legal team!). That has lead to many of you asking which decks do we still have in stock that has the UV500 Air-Flow printed on the side flap?

Here are the decks that still adorn the UV500 Air-Flow:

Bicycle Black Tiger: White Pips (not Red) (will not be reprinted, when they’re gone, they’re gone)

Bicycle Masters Deck: Red (next print run will have “Air-Cushion)

Bicycle Masters Deck: Blue (next print run will have “Air-Cushion)

Tally-Ho! Viper Deck: Fan back (next print run will have “Air-Cushion)

Tally-Ho! Viper Deck: Circle back (next print run will have “Air-Cushion)

Bicycle Black Ghost (1st Edition) (NOT for sale, given through promotions and rewards only. Will not be reprinted, when they’re gone, they’re gone)


  1. George Waldman on:

    I currently have 14 of the custom E decks. They are as follows: 1 – Gold Arcane, 2 – Black Arcane, 3 – Black Tiger Red, 4 – Black Tiger White, 5 – Black Ghost 2nd Edition, 6 – Shadow Masters, 7 – Series 1800 Red, 8 – Series 1800 Blue, 9 – Masters Red, 10 – Masters Blue, 11 – Ghost, 12 – White Arcane, 13 – Tally-Ho Silver Circle back, and 14 – Tally-Ho Silver Fan back.
    After looking at my collection. I can see that the Black Arcane, Black Ghost 2nd Edition, Shadow Masters, Ghost, and White Arcane also have the UV500 Air-Flow finish. Considering that they are not on the list you provided, I guess those decks are no longer made with UV500 Air-Flow finish.

    George Waldman

  2. Thanks for the update. Discontinuing the white black tigers, was that an E decision (warehouse space issue?) or a USPC decision?

  3. Jason Brumbalow on:

    Ed, that was our decision to avoid customer confusion between the decks. There can be only ONE Black Tiger….

  4. markefferent on:

    How will masters be different anymore then, besides the visual differences?

  5. It should be USPCC not USPC. United States Playing Company?

  6. So if the black tiger deck stocks are all sold there won’t be any reprints. . . . damn! I really love the black tiger white pips!

  7. Yeah, what about shadow masters deck? Same…..different?

  8. sabin anderson on:

    will the cards still be uv 500

  9. Well… must say the UV500 really gives you the spotlight when performing in dark places. Lucky me I got the Black Tiger and the Black Ghost with the UV500 Air-Flow Finish before they’re gone but all my other decks are Air-Cushion and I can say I love’em all anyway only won’t ever use those with UV lights 😛
    As conclusion, is really a loss E, but don’t think that’s the end of the word. E cards are great by the design no matter if UV500 or Air-Cushion in fact all E decks should say Ellusionist Magic-Flow!

  10. Which one is better uv 500 or air cushion finish??