Arcane will become known: Ellusionist releases information on latest custom deck

September 24th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

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Already you can see some of the details about one of the most talked-about decks to hit the market, including one of the pictures and a review from card master Lee Asher (you’ve heard a bunch of E artists in our podcasts rave about his Diving Board Double Lift). In the future, you’ll see more pictures of this incredible deck, some of the best flourishers and magicians in the business making them look even better and firsthand reviews from some of the most respected names in the card-loving community. We’ll also dish out some freebies and roll out a killer contest for release day.

Since the release of E’s last custom deck, we have seen a slew of custom cards hit the market. Most of them are pretty cool and a select few are downright fugly and/or hilarious. But NONE OF THEM have come close to the quality of E’s custom decks, because they don’t take into consideration all of the things we do.

Arcane is a deck made for magicians by the same magicians that started this craze of custom playing cards. We kept some of the best features of our previous decks and improved other features. We put more than five years of work into the graphic design. We improved our signature UV-500 finish. We incorporated unprecedented levels of quality control. The end result is a deck that defines mystery and magic; a deck that lets you perform your favorite sleight of hand, magic tricks or flourishes with power, grace and impact.


  1. is the wait almost over???? i just dropped like over $200 on some sweet stuff here and i am dying to get these cards!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. MAGIC NEWS: Arcane will become known: Ellusionist releases information on …

  4. Arcane will become known: Ellusionist releases information on …

  5. I love the teaser pics and videos showing the designer making the cards. A great way to show the kind of work involved. I’m tempted to buy a deck on Day 1 just to get a cut sheet!

    All the best guys, you make great cards and have incredible designers.

  6. these decks look really nice and mysterious,i think that they will be one black and one white deck.but…they do so much work,in every custom deck out there,but thet dont change the damn court cards!!!they are many more than the ace and the joker.they are just 3 cards,and the courts are 12!!the deck will be really cooler than it will be…excuse my english!!thanks

  7. Deck sounds awesome. I can’t wait to get it.