The Jam Session

April 23rd, 2012 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under General

Everywhere you go in magic circles at some point or another you’ll hear magicians utter the word ‘Jam‘ or ‘Session‘. What exactly is a ‘Jam‘ and why do we ‘Session‘?

A ‘Jam Session‘ when talking about magic,  is usually when a group of magicians get together to share ideas or work on new routines. Mostly just to hang out and be around the thing that they love, magic. I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by amazing magicians my entire career and the jam sessions I’ve been blessed to be in are nothing short of amazing. It’s almost like being at a convention when ever I hang out. I know that this type of thing doesn’t happen for everyone. But that doesn’t mean that ‘Jam Sessions’ aren’t worth the time.

When I do go to these sessions topics of all types are brought up. Anything from sleights to theory of why you should place an object somewhere.

The sessions go much deeper than just tricks. It’s about improvement all around. I’ve even had discussions as to why a suit jacket should be buttoned or unbuttoned while performing, and even how to comb your hair.

Early in my magic career I thought topics like this were ridiculous and not needed. I believed that attention to such ‘trivial’ detail was nothing more than ‘old’ guys listening to themselves talk. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

As I quickly learned, everyone has something to learn and you can learn something from everyone if you know how to listen. ‘Jam Sessions‘ are a wonderful way for magicians to meet, connect, share ideas and invent new ones. Some of which we use today because the people who we know as ‘Legends‘ did just that. Don’t be afraid to go out and go to magic shops, meet other magicians, and most importantly don’t put others down. Don’t discourage anyone and be open to ideas. You may create the next amazing thing by just listening and working out ‘kinks‘.

The bottom line is for me that I’ve noticed a trend in the magic world lately of hiding ‘secrets‘ from other magicians. There seems to be less ‘comradery‘ in our gild of the magi. Let’s get back the days when we shared and helped each other grow. Start a jam session and help each other out. Share ideas, and most importantly grow together.



  1. I hate how none of the magicians i know want to help out each other, i am trying to change that here, let them know the rule of secrecy only applies to non-magicians.

  2. Xavior Spade on:

    I agree it’s something I don’t like either. Let’s come up with some ideas on how to change this. Let’s do it together.

  3. I so agree Jamison. Good judgement.

  4. I really feel that magicians should be like a brotherhood and we should pass down our secretes to each other. I never want magic to die down and if passing down secrets is going to help preserve what we got then I am all for it! Xavior, I wish you were my mentor!