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June 15th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel

Now, we here at Ellusionist have mixed opinions on magicians and what not, but it seems that magicians aren’t the only ones who have noticed Criss’ somewhat, “less than satisfactory” personality traits.

I, for one, like Criss a lot, but as featured on recently in an article titled: “15 of the Most Cringe-Worthy Men Alive,” Criss should perhaps start working on his inner image rather than his outer one.

Featured in Today’s Picks as one of the three main articles, the whole article and accompanying slide-show with captions can be viewed here.

The specific spot on Criss can be viewed here.

Criss in the limelight

Perhaps, due to the “ego-centric” view of magic by the media, we can take advantage of this by studying humility in our performance and rapport. Maybe what Criss didn’t realize, is that to get a little, you also have to give a little.

Happy Father’s Day!


  1. Cool! There are some very successful men and a few of my favourites on that list from Criss to Sean Penn and Simon Cowel. Criss is in good company.

  2. I used to love to watch criss angel. Now he is an egotistical jerk.
    He thinks he’s all that and a bag of

  3. From one egotistical jerk to another, Criss you Rock! Looking forward to the next season of Mindfreak. Years ago the wife and I caught your off broadway show. What can I say totally awesome. Were heading out to Vegas early 2009, To be sure, Beleive is on our itinarary.

  4. Hey, both my wife and I enjoy Criss. We watch Mindfreak and listen to his CD. The man knows his magic and illusions. Glad Criss was able to bring it to the forefront like he has. It’s so much better than some of the other garbage on TV these days. May he be blessed with years of success. Keep it up Criss.

  5. I had the pleasure of seeing Criss last year when the family made a trip out there. We were lucky enough to get to see him do a stunt. I was totally in awe of his work. Seemed like a gentleman to me, as was everyone around him. Nice bunch of folks. You got it going Criss. Hope to make it back to see BeLIEve.

  6. Man, Criss is IT! Love his show(Mindfreak) and love his music, and he is a great actor as well. He can do it all! But I love his magic and illusions the most. He gives me goose bumps when I watch. And I hope to get to see his live show one day. You go Criss! We love ya!

  7. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Criss a couple of times, as well as some of his family and the production crew and others. Everyone couldn’t have been nicer. I think this reflecs on Criss a great deal. I love everything he does. He is like a breath of fresh air in the world of stale entertainment.
    MINDFREAK!! :)

  8. We were in Vegas last year when we heard the call out to loyals for 2 of Criss’s demonstrations, The Loyal Episode and the Cremated Alive episode. My husband and I were unable to make the filming for the loyal episode. We met a few fellow loyals who were there and they said they had a blast. Criss took a group of loyals ice skating afterwards. What can I tell you about the Cremated Alive Demonstration. It was an incredible demonstration to which I still get goose bumps. To see these demonstrations in person is so much different then watching them on TV. So much more intense and exciting. We had a chance to talk to Criss for a few moments afterwards. Criss is one of the nicest celebrities you will meet bar none. Criss you are extremely talented and I have not doubt Beleive will be incredible. Our next trip will be Vegas and I look forward to seeing your live show. ………..Patty

  9. 5 posts on June 17 each within 5-10 minutes of each other and the same writing style? I wouldn’t be surprised if the logs show they came from the same IP address (same computer).

    Nice illusion.

  10. Yeah, I agree with Goudinov.

  11. Goudinov and Zeedub, I only wish I had the skill. This is the one and only Dennis. I have no idea who the others are, that I can assure you. I’ll leave the illusions to the experts. The comments here are no surprise. I have seen Criss live. The show was awesome. Criss you ROCK! See you in 2009.

  12. Flying Razors on:

    Criss is living his dream. The only way that you stay in the public eye is to be larger than life, which he has become.

    It’s normally petty jealousy that cast judgements upon people that they WISH they knew. Criss has picked magic up and dusted it off to make the world sit back and wonder again.

    If he’s a jerk, then so be it. Stop watching his show…cast him out of your mind and be done with it.

  13. I think Criss is where many people wish they were. Good job, Criss!

  14. I do believe that Criss is a great performer. I mean if it wasn’t for him, i wouldn’t be doing magic now. I remember staying up every Tuesday to watch season 3 of Mindfreak only to notice that Criss’ ego had gone through the roof. I really wish he would go back to being the old Criss but i know that will never happen.

  15. While I’m not a fan of the Chris Angel TV show “Mindfreak”, I will give the benefit of the doubt – maybe in person, Chris comes off with a better overall performance and style.

    For me, the television show is too “reality-show-esque” and that bores me to tears, plus, I find a lot of Chris’ “acting” a little hard to swallow and stomach.

    However, as previously stated, in person, it might be an entirely different thing. Nonetheless, at this point in time, Chris does nothing for me.

  16. Mindfreak Fan on:

    you know what, if you got to know criss angel and went through the things he went through like losing his father to CANCER, and not to mention his father was his inspiration, then maybe you wouldnt be so rude and abnauctios to him. Are you telling me that you would have the courage to do the stunts that he does???? would you hang by 4 fish hooks through your flesh by a helipcopter over the valley of fire??? could you handle it? i suggest you give criss some credit for being an amazing entertainer and an amazing illusionist. his style might not be good enough for you to like, but many others like it and he likes it. he says he doesnt care what other people think, and he does what feels right. criss is exactly like houdini and FYI, hes just been named the most stylish man of 2008. keep your rude comments to yourself and catch up on your research!

  17. the worst magician ever!! this guy is a joke to a real laymen in this industry, a complete sell out! where is his talent? if he didnt have stooges and cameras to hide behind he is nothing!! the guy has no sleight of hand ability! He should leave the greats like Houdini alone and never mention there names in the sentence as his!!! Believe me he had his run fooling the public into thinking he is somthing above this art. As for the fool who wrote do your research, you my friend should do yours, because he has robbed and stolen so much from this art Houdini is rolling in his grave. Here is some research he is a haiclub for men member!

  18. i love the mindfreak show and due to that i have been practicing telekineses&pyrokineses i created a psi ball and felt it (thats an energy ball ) and i got a fire to dim down and go up.

  19. While I’m not a huge fan, I like the fact that he has kept magic in the minds of the public. I feel Blaine brought it back to the forefront a few years ago with his Street magic special, and Criss is continuing today. The thing about Criss is the ego. His acting is not the best, but the calling out of other magicians and constant comparing himself to Houdini gets old. I don’t see the great magicians of today doing this. I do enjoy his stage act, but am not a fan of his t.v. show. I will give him credit though, he has reached a new audience. Anyone that instills an interest in magic, I have to applaud.


  20. seth aaron youngblood on:

    criss this message is for u and u only ive studyed your body movements on your show and read your books
    after everything you have done dont u think its about time to have your own apprentice for you to teach your ways if so then i want to be your only apprentice to carry on the magic you do
    its all i ask

  21. i love the mindfreak show and criss angel he’s the one that inspired me to do magic when he walked on water i was absolustley amazed so i have been practicing to walk on water but every time i fall into the water but before i fall i feel something in the water something amazing so i’m gonna keep trying till i get it right.

  22. Well i guess if your concentrating on him as a person, maybe your to wrapped up in him all together. Criss entertains, thats his job. He likes it and others like him (including me). And come on people, he can’t be flowers and lollipops all the time, he gets pissed, he gets stressed, he has feelings. No one on this earth can say that they have never been egotistical or jerk-ish at one point in there life.

  23. @ Mindfreak Fan, you’re right I am sure NOBODY here knows what its like to lose a loved one… Heres the thing, although he has lost his father(which is sad dont get me wrong), he mentions it WAY to much… he wants people to pity him (in a way) he is basically saying “look at me, this is my sad past and I want you all to know it so that you can pity me”… I would kinda think he is disrespecting his father in that respect… but… whatever he thinks is right I guess =/

    Believe me when I say that he cares what people think about him… Its why he does half the crap he does. Its why he trys to look half his age, its why he didnt tell anyone about his wife, its why he is wearing some stupid ring on every finger, and is why he gives his father’s pity story.

    I’m not trying to sound like an ass but… he uses these things to market himself, I dont quite agree with the method he uses.

  24. criss is beyond an a** big time. he denied my nephew an autograph and him and his fag bodyguards talked to us like we were stupid when we stood in line for 4 hrs.

  25. I am in Vegas right now, my friend and I get the pleasure of meeting Criss Angel at his new Official Criss Angel Store at Circus Circus(where I am at). Although lately people have been telling me that Criss is a D-bag, scammer, and not a real magician. I don’t care what you have to say about Criss Angel because your intitled to your own opinion. All i’m saying is, is that I will stand on Criss’ side no matter what. I am a true loyal freak.

    Meghan, 13.

  26. michael brandon on:

    dwayne one of the reason your nephew did not get autograph is because after his vegas show he is usually tired and worn out and plus he as strict schedule he as to stay on and if he sign one thing he would to sign for everybody. he might not have time to do that,