THE EVENT: New products, features loaded into first phase of redesign

November 14th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Welcome to the Event.

A year in the making, the Event is a redesigning of our website and the announcement of some incredible new releases. Today is the first phase, which includes:

    • ~ Fathom playing cards. For years customers have asked us for some sort of deck that features the four basic elements. But instead of cramming all of them into one deck, we found enough inspiration to give each element its own tribute.Fathom is the first in our Origin series. Printed on the finest stock available from U.S. Playing Card Co. with our Performance Coating, Fathom features a beautiful blue theme, from the ace and joker to the custom pips. Every body of water, from a creek to an ocean, is filled with mystery. What lies beneath the surface of the water? Dive into the depths of your skills and creativity. Discover what lies beneath.

      The next 48 hours is a pre-release of the deck. They will go offline after that, until their official release on Nov. 23.

    • ~ Welcome aboard, Daniel Madison. One of the underground’s biggest legends, Madison has gone from card cheat to a respected developer and expert card mechanic. He appeared on “Penn and Teller: Fool Us!” and did a routine that floored the duo immensely — more so had they been fooled. He joins Ellusionist’s creative team, so you will be seeing much more from him. Your spectators are in for it. Oh, and be sure to join in a live chat with him at 8 p.m. Friday EST.
    • ~ Halo wrist bands. A new innovation from Ellusionist, this band will give a glow to your dark-room performances. We know many of you perform at night, whether it’s out in the streets or inside a jumpin’ juke joint. Add a bit of glow to your style. You’ll find it handy for providing just a bit of cover, a la Arm Band, or as an assistant for tricks such as Entrapment.
    • ~ Gift Certificates. Another long-standing request of our customers (and our customer’s girlfriends), our gift certificates are a perfect way to give someone a little magic, no matter what the occasion.
    • ~ Free LTD decks. Over the next 48 hours, every order over $50 with shippable items will include one of our gorgeous LTD decks. One per customer.
    • ~ New website features. As you explore, you’ll notice the product pages are more streamlined and organized. The product pages also include a new notification system. If something is out of stock, you can opt to receive an e-mail the second it’s back on our shelves.


    The next phase includes our epic holiday giveaway, a new system of customer rewards and more swag. The Event is only the beginning.

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