The Ellusionist Interview: Sgt. 1st Class Robert Kilgallon

February 10th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Chances are you haven’t seen Robert Kilgallon (right) perform.

The combat medic is stationed at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq. A 12-year veteran with the Army Reserves, he has recently taken up magic and regularly performs for Iraqis and soldiers alike. In this edition of the Ellusionist Interview, we catch up with Kilgallon and talk about how he uses magic to bond with people overseas, just how handy a military uniform is for magic and why he never worries about running out of playing cards.

Listen to the interview by clicking “play” below. And, below that, is a video of Kilgallon performing for a few of his fellow soldiers.


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  2. Hey good job making a connection to many that you will never forget.. I myself was a Marine in OIF & OEF; and I brought magic with me to Afghanistan in 2004. The kids loved the magic bag the best!

    Magic has followed with me, even if i haven’t kept up on my knowledge hehe; but with money an issue you have to take at each step. And showmanship is a plus, good luck and best wishes!

  3. that’s cool. indecent is a pretty good trick! Well performed, and clean.