Teller Speaks!

January 29th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under General

You’ve all heard Penn speak. It’s rare you get a chance to hear Teller. The usually silent Teller gave a talk for the Mind Science Foundation and he speaks, there is a lot to listen to.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. He sounds nothing like I imagined.

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  3. Always cool hearing him talk. Great magician and a really intelligent person. To bad he isn’t seen talking much.

  4. i heard one other interview with him where he described a magician in India who made him think he was doing a trick when in reality he was doing exactly what it looked like he was doing. It was really interesting.

    Teller has a lot to say for someone who never talks. Hes a very very smart person.

  5. i love how pen and teller are so down to earth,they come across as being real genuine,beautiful souls which i believe they really are.they are so intelligent.thanks for the video,i think?i really dont want to know how an illusion is done though,it takes away from the beauty and wonderment of magic for the way,do you know that penn and teller are best friends?sorry,i just had to throw that out ,ya know!well,i’ll be honest here.i’m really not sorry…he he he.

  6. i meant thier best friends with pretty boy,criss angel.i’m sorry i took away the beauty and wonderment of that last joke.or am i?hahaha!

  7. Aldene Junior on:

    Brilliant words…