Flow by Paul Harris – Ellusionist Exclusive Release

May 8th, 2008 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under Products

EDIT: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the release of FLOW has now been pushed back to: Wednesday May 14th, 2008 at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern / 5PM GMT 

Flow by Dan Hauss allows the performer to suspend water from an upside down water bottle, and can be performed in virtually any setting, making it an easy and perfect addition to every magician’s repertoire. 


This isn’t the trick you learned in the first magic book you ever bought…
As part of the exclusive release, the first 50 copies of Flow that leave the Ellusionist warehouse will be signed by Paul Harris himself* and if the Ellusionist’s recent releases are anything to go by, set your watches extra early as the first 50 will be gone very quickly! Own a piece of autographed magic from one of magic’s *true* legendary thinkers.



Not only that though, if you order Flow in the first 24 hours after release, we’ll give you a 10% discount off all other items in your order! (except Flow**).


Be sure to check back here soon for more information about Flow including preview videos and product shots.

*Online orders only.
** Shipping costs not included in offer.


  1. FInally i cant wait to get this it looks so awesome

  2. BlackJoker on:

    Looks AWESOME !
    But why did you call this post “Flow By Paul Harris” whereas it’s “Flow By Dan hauss” in the video ?

  3. cool

  4. GREAT EFFECT, GREAT REACTIONS…. heard that the gimmick doesent last forever :(

  5. KingOfNynex2003 on:

    I can’t wait for this one to come out it’s going to be great hopefully I’ll get that signed copy I’ve got everything planned out and I should be able to place that order within 45 seconds-1 minute but knowing how fast some of this stuff can sell out in the blink of an eye I’m not going to keep my hopes up for it.

  6. Am I out of line saying this is a bad trick to buy? Even if the method is different people will just assume that it’s that science trick that everyone knows. It doesn’t matter if it is a new way of doing it if people just think they already know how to do it.

  7. Team Ellusionist on:

    In response to someone who has been attempting to leave comments exposing FLOW, it’d be nice if you were right – but FLOW uses a gimmick that to the best of my knowledge has never been used in magic before.

    Sorry to rain on your parade and all.

  8. rocco giovacchini on:

    this trick is really great!
    the creator of this effect is a really creative guy and nice to !some of the stuff iv seen him do are just so stright forward and hard hitting that you can bet this will get the reactions that you see in the trailer!
    i have three words!
    ADD TOO CART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. EnviousJoker on:

    Look’s like an “ok” trick. I wasn’t impressed at all. I’m not saying that I know how the trick is done but even if the gimmick is slightly different, you can do the exact same effect for alot cheaper using alternative products. My humble opinion is don’t waste your money. (Sorry Ellusionist..)

  10. were is it

  11. How?HOW?

  12. it looks like its a cool trick. But if there ‘sa dvd that i would like to buy which im sure im not alone, is how to draw a crowd like he did and how to manipulate people because, well theres no way around it were magicians and you have to be able to talk freely and it would be nice to know how to gain a following