Take out your Earbuds and get a Free Gold Arcane

September 12th, 2011 | Jake Steele | Filed Under Products

Free Gold Arcane with shippable Orders over $75

To coincide with the launch of Earbuds by Adam Wilber we’re giving away a free gold Arcane in all shippable orders over $75. You will see the Free Gold Arcane automatically added to your cart when it reaches the $75 level – and you still get all the normal free gifts with your order as well.

Both the Free Gold Arcane Promotion and Earbuds will be released at 1pm EST Tuesday, September 13th. The Gold Arcane promotion runs for 48 hours only, so you’ll have to be quick.

Earbuds by Adam Wilber allows you to fuse a spectator’s chosen and signed card onto the wires of their earbuds.

Have a spectator select a card, sign it, and return it to the pack. You then run the wire from their iPod through the deck, and have them play their favorite song. When you move the pack away, the wire is actually running through their signed card, in between the layers of the card itself. The only way to remove it is to tear the card and rip the wires through, or you can leave the card there as a memento of your magic.

Be at Ellusionist.com 1pm EST 13th September 2011 for the release.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaarg.
    I can’t pay online with my creditcard, and my parents are away.
    for the week.

  2. I’m putting in my order right this instant (over $110!)
    I’m so pumped!!!

  3. Well great, I JUST ordered a whole bunch of stuff like 2 days ago … YOU SNEAKY BASTARDS 😀

    Oh well, not so interested in the Gold Arcane anyway, still wanna get my gritty hands on a red artifice …

  4. Just spent some money on like 7 artifact coins 5 silver 2 copper and sick by Ponta the smith, i had to buy a half dollar to have just enough money to get the gold arcane. I also had some extra money and could not wait so i got the next day shipping.

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