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Artist Interviews: Wayne Houchin featured on new magic cable series

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

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Wayne Houchin played with electricity before David Blaine was electrified.

It was in preparation for a segment on “Breaking Magic,” a new nine-episode series debuting on Discovery Channel Sunday. Wearing the same type of Faraday suit, Houchin got to see firsthand how powerful, and terrifying, Tesla coils could be. Fortunately, he didn’t have to stay in the suit for three days, like Blaine.

Houchin, a consultant for Criss Angel and creator of Stigmata, Indecent, Control and many other effects, has spent the last several months traveling and performing. Part of those performances were for the new show, developed by the same British company behind Derren Brown’s series. He, James Galea, Billy Kidd and Ben Hamlin travel the globe in “Breaking Magic” and put a magical spin on scientific principles.

He took the time to talk to us more about the show, about how hard cable networks are looking for magic shows, the challenges behind presenting science as magic and exactly what it was like to be near those Tesla coils.

“Breaking Magic” airs at 10 p.m. Eastern on Sunday on the Discovery Channel, and runs for nine weeks.


Sorcerers Safari 2012 – Unfettered Magic Mayhem

Monday, February 6th, 2012


Sorcerer's Safari


So it’s 2012 and there are so many things happening this year that it’s almost too much to list. However, maybe it’s time to begin making plans for the summer!

We’re proud to announce that Ellusionist is a sponsor of this year’s Sorcerers Safari in Canada!

I recently had the pleasure of talking to the founder of the Sorcerers Safari, Mike Segal. The first thing I will say is that he is VERY passionate about doing this for the youth in the magic community. Throughout the years he’s rounded up some of the biggest names in magic for an experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before. For one week in the summer (August 27-September 2) campers will be immersed in all things magic and fun.

Having a line up like they do it makes me wish I was a kid again just to be able to experience what it’s like to be surrounded by my heroes who are there to help ME in what I’m trying to accomplish!

I’m going to run through some of the things that go on at the camp but for more information please head to their website at


This camp is packed with topics ranging from simple sleight of hand all the way to magic as a business and even magic theory!


This struck a real chord with me as you just can’t get that type of access to people of this calibre at a convention. Let me give you a few of the names that are part of the Sorcerers Safari;

  • Aaron Fisher
  • Lee Asher
  • Shawn Farquhar
  • Greg Frewin
  • Wayne Houchin
  • Eric Leclerc
  • Ben Train

And the list goes on and on….

This year the FISM Champion SOMA will be on the list of guests. Keep in mind that the guests may change but will definitely grow, as time gets closer.

So what does that mean for campers? Well it means an unheard of opportunity to actually spend an entire week not only learning from but also hanging out and just jamming with everyone! Man, I really wish I was a kid again. They even go as far as to assist the parents of campers find accommodations nearby if they’re worried about their little Houdini being too far away!

The point is that this is a WONDERFUL opportunity for you or your children who are aspiring magicians to have access to something that very few people do. If it weren’t for Mike Segal and his dedicated staff, none of this would come to pass.

Registration is easy and more than affordable for the week of unforgettable experiences and life long friendships made. We here at Ellusionist are proud to sponsor and honored to assist someone doing something truly amazing for the magic community!

Later this week I’ll be interviewing Mike Segal and he’ll be talking about the Camp and more. If you have any questions, we would like to help get them answered, leave your questions submitted below and we’ll get the info. Also as more information comes up about the camp we’ll be sure to update you as well. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter. Secrets come from everywhere 😉


-Xavior Spade


For more information please visit the Sorcerers Safari website:

Also Follow us on Twitter:

And on Facebook :

There will be some amazing things happening this year and some opportunities for all of you to get some cool shizzle!

Your voice matters…Let it be heard!



Magic, booze and steaks? We’re there: Houchin kicks off lecture tour with live performance

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Time to take a road trip to Chico, Calif. Wayne Houchin, creator of Sinful, Stigmata, Thread and more, will kick off an East Coast lecture tour with a West Coast performance.

Magic & Booze (what do you know, two of our favorite things) is a special night of mystery and libations held at 33 Steaks Booze & Jazz, the great steakhouse where Indecent was filmed (and steak happens to be another one of our favorite things). The show is from 8:30 to 10 p.m. Sunday (U.S. Pacific).

A few days later, Houchin hits the Eastern seaboard for a series of lectures. He’ll give a lecture entitled “Magic and the Art of Success.” Houchin toured through the South and Midwest last year with a similar lecture, and it was epic. We heard from all kinds of people on the forums saying how much they loved it.

In case you missed it, here’s a podcast we did with Wayne last year about halfway through his tour. (Yes, the glasses pic is still awesome.) Full tour dates for this month are listed on his website.

Video catchup: Oberle shows a killer tat; Asher, Fisher, Houchin and more stop clocks

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

We kneel at the altar of the magic internet gods and ask for forgiveness for not posting these sooner. Two cool magic vids here:

The first features some of the guys behind Near the end, you can watch B. Smith, a co-creator of Rizer, perform like crazy. But we’re kinda partial to Chris Oberle, who shows off a nice-looking tat. He tells us that’s no temp, and that makes us wanna tell you that he’ll be performing on Dec. 17 at the Southgate House in Cincinnati, Ohio. Because he totally will. Enjoy:

What happens when Lee Asher, Aaron Fisher, Wayne Houchin, Daniel Garcia and other great magicians take the same stage? Time stops. Well, the clocks do, anyway. Enjoy, but don’t blame us if watching this makes you late for work:

E joins forces with the Las Vegas magic convention that will feature Ponta’s U.S. debut

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Ponta the Smith, creator of the ultra-smooth coin magic in Sick, will make his first U.S. appearance at a new magic convention scheduled for May 23-25, 2011, in Las Vegas. Also on the lineup are Wayne Houchin, Pit Hartling, Michael Ammar, Shoot Ogawa, Richard Sanders and Banachek.

We love magic conventions, but we sometimes also get frustrated with them. There’s so much knowledge available at them, but when a certain session doesn’t really speak to us, or apply to us, we start to feel like we’re just sating curiosity about how a magic trick is done, and not really learning anything.

So count us fans of IMX2011. The International Magic Convention is going to feature all of the above and more, but in smaller, customizable sessions with more detailed instruction. Don’t get us wrong: Banachek is awesome, but if you’re not a mentalist, you’d probably rather listen to Hartling or Houchin, right?

So how does that work, exactly?

“There will be multiple repeat sessions happening simultaneously, so at any one time you will have multiple sessions taking place,” said organizer Craig Mitchell. “Delegates will be able to log onto the Website, select their sessions and create their own custom convention experience based on their particular interests.”

Class sizes and frequency will be determined by attendees’ preferences, which will be filed before the event, Mitchell said. The lineup is packed with worldwide professionals, including some of the top names in magic today, and those who register early will get priority for sessions and seating.

You know how we are when we think something is a great idea: We get involved. Ellusionist is joining forces with IMX2011. Currently, registration for the entire three-day conference is $149. If you register early, you’ll also get a free $30 download of one of our videos, and an invite to an E-only event with conference artists.

Check out the early registration deal (including VIP treatment and what a Pro Pass will get you) and find out how you can stay at the convention for free, including your flight, hotel stay and registration. You’ll have to fund your own test of your absolutely iron-clad blackjack system, though. They won’t cover that.