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Magician Zack Mirza combines travel, history, performance in new show

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015


Magic has worldwide appeal, so it made perfect sense for Zack Mirza to hit the road. Choosing where to go was just as easy.

In “Illusions of Grandeur,” on Canada’s OLN, Zack makes his magic journey the center of the show. In travels to New York City, Detroit, New Orleans, Las Vegas and nine other cities with strong magic connections, he documents his quest to be the next big name.

“That was a competely new experience to me,” Mirza said. “I’d only been to New York and a few other US cities, so being in all of these new places was incredible.”

Because of a surprising abundance of other magic shows, Mirza said he and his crew knew that “Illusions of Grandeur” couldn’t be just another show. The trip at the center of the show was inspired partially by David Blaine’s “Real or Magic” and HBO’s “How to Make It in America.” It pairs the history and stories behind magic with the struggle to make a mark on the world, Mirza said, while showing an honest portrayal of Mirza’s career. (more…)

Blaine finishes fundraiser, Clark finds devastation

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Two magicians have been helping with disaster relief efforts for the people of Haiti. Yesterday, David Blaine finished his 72-hour street magic to raise funds for the American Red Cross. Kevin Reylek, of the New York Magic Project, sent some great pics that you should check out.

James L. Clark, meanwhile is in the thick of it in Haiti. According to his Facebook page, he is in Port-au-Prince, the largest city closest to the earthquake’s epicenter and the site of the worst devastation. He is helping rescue people, finding survivors and assisting doctors with surgeries. Unfortunately, some of his supplies are even stuck in customs. Here’s his two latest Facebook posts:

Haiti update: Just got access to the internet. In Port-au-Prince in area called Dalmas 40A. Lots to report, but limited time. See the photos. Harold and I are safe. Dan is working down to us. Treating people, but very short on resources. Need antibiotics (BAD), surgical kits (BAD), and other supplies. Please continue to help raise funds.

In from James team: Very trying day today, but at the end of the day, it was successful. We were involved in a 45 min car chase that ended at a French hospital, when we off loaded 3 critically wounded people. 2 were pulled from the rubble after 7 days. Took 3 hrs to find a hospital that would take them. Another long day tomorrow, trying to pick up 2,200 lbs of supplies that customs seized today. Need prayer for that.

You can still donate to Clark’s trip on his Web page.

Blaine to perform 72 hours of magic for Haiti

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Attention NYC residents: Street magic legend David Blaine would like your help. All you have to do is let him blow your mind.

Blaine will be performing magic on Times Square for 72 hours straight — no sleep ’til Brooklyn. He’s asking for your donations to the American Red Cross, which will be used for earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

Frewin’s hook for magic fame: Be family man

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Ellusionist Web master David Mitchell reminded us of Greg Frewin’s upcoming Christmas special, “Greg Frewin Magic Man: Home for the Holidays,” which will be shown tomorrow by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The show sounds pretty interesting just from the CBC’s description (only Canadians can access the accompanying online-exclusive videos).

But a series of stories by the Niagara Falls Review make it downright compelling. Reporter John Law scored exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to taping for the show and preparations for a big stunt at the end; his three-part series was published this week. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.)

Frewin, a former Vegas entertainer, invested almost everything he had into converting a factory into a 700-seat theater. The bold move paid off after its bumpy first year in 2005 — it now sells out every summer and has become a top attraction for the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. But he knows that it’s TV that will push his name to legendary status, he said. Instead of emulating Blaine’s urban shamanism or Angel’s shock and raw, Frewin’s hook is to show life behind the curtain, as a husband and father of two.

Lee Asher, Frewin’s street-magic consultant, vouches for his work ethic in part one:

“Greg is cut from a different cloth. Greg will do a show, and when he’s done he’ll go backstage and weld his props. When he’s done with that, he comes out and manages the theatre. When he’s done with that, he gets to go home and be a dad. He’s constantly doing something, constantly pushing. Hopefully, they’ll film that. There’s no one like Greg, there really isn’t. Greg’s working on the lights … I don’t know anyone (like him) who does that. They’ll wait. Greg, he doesn’t have time for the light guy. He’s gotta get down there and get his hands on that board. We work with Greg. We don’t work for Greg.”

Give crowd a twist with Titanas’ new effect

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Allow us to recommend an alternate, less rude way to give your spectators the finger. They won’t be insulted, but they will stare with disbelief…

With Twist, Titanas has created a sickeningly realistic effect that lets you twist your finger in a way fingers shouldn’t be twisted. A gross feast for the eyes and ears, your spectators will hear and see you twist a finger 180 degrees.

Yes, we said “hear.” Twist (a.k.a. Titan’s Finger) packs an audible crunch as you perform it (not as loud as portrayed in that video, but you’ll hear it). Here’s how it works: Show them your index finger. Breathe deeply, because this is going to hurt. Then twist like your index finger is the starter on your car, and you’re revving it up. You’ll move your hand away and they will see your fingernail IN A PLACE IT JUST SHOULDN’T BE. Then, with another gag-inducing pop, you’ll move your finger back and show your hands completely clean.

  • Twist is easy and painless. Perform it with the appearance of as much pain as you like.
  • Twist involves no palming, pulls or must-ditch doodads.
  • You’ll end as clean as you start, which — judging from the trailer — is pretty flippin’ clean.
  • Twist is practical and angle-proof for most normal performances.

Twist will fingerpoint your audience toward a darker place. It’s also easy to do: No palming, pulls or ditchable doodads here. Just a simple, clever gimmick engineered by Mark Allen. It works with fingers of all sizes and colors. With minimal setup and practice, you will grab all of your spectators’ eyeballs with just one finger.

Twist is the latest offering from the Paul Harris Presents line, so you know it’s solid. Check out more right about here. Oh, there’s some blatant, misleading copy on that page: It says it will be released in December, but it will be available this week. Sorry about that.