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Last chance: Fall Clearance Sale features classics that won’t return

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Ever get a whole bunch of new stuff, then realize you have to make room for it? We’re facing that right now. There is a cartload of new magic on the way that we can’t wait to share with you. From decks to effects, the rest of the year is primed for a steady stream of releases.

It’s time to make room on our shelves.

This means it’s a perfect time for you to stock up on some things you may have been on the fence about. Our Fall Clearance Sale is filled with discounts on some classics that, once they are gone, won’t be restocked again. That includes things such as:

  • An Extension of Me, by Eric Jones: This three-disc set was one of his first big video projects, and includes some of the effects that made him an underground legend.
  • Silver Trick Sharpie: A lot of our customers get so much mileage out of this. The silver ink can be seen on all of our cards, but is perfect for use on our black decks, Infinity and Artifice decks.
  • Identity by Richard Sanders. Identity’s surprise kicker ending remains a favorite among card workers. This is less of an effect and more of a clinic, though. The video includes more than two hours of training.
  • Linking Cigarette by Akira Fuji. The video, shot on Eric Jones’ smartphone, speaks for itself. This amazingly flexible routine can be adapted for a number of different, borrowed items — many of which you can snag from your friends.

Many more effects are available at a pretty nice discount. The sale is going on right now, and ends at midnight Friday EST. Once these are gone, they are gone.

FIGHT NIGHT: Fight card filled with limited releases, variety of options

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

One of the things we heard during our recent Black Friday promotion, where buying a certain amount of things snagged you two of our rare, collectible decks, was that you wished we had more available to choose from. We listened, and we answered back with FIGHT NIGHT.

FIGHT NIGHT is filled with limited releases.

We still have solid, well-reviewed workers such as Pure Smoke and the Shift Self Bending Key that help you claim your Gold Arcane and Red Artifice decks. But this is no average promotion. We know that in working up to the price levels to earn decks, we wanted to give you some fresh choices; some bold, hard-to-get products that will enhance your working set.

The numbers of these products are extremely limited, with no guarantee of re-release. Some of these might be back in the future, others might get changed with new editions. The time to jump in the ring is NOW, because chances are you won’t see these specific items ever again.

Check out the fight card:

Molten by Morgan Strebler. What, you thought Strebler bent just forks? Molten lets PK artists take their game to the next level by melting a glass bottle in their own hands. Previously available for $60, we’ve knocked the price in half and, in addition to a beer bottle, added a root beer bottle option, perfect for family friendly situations such as schools and churches. The order includes just the bottle and a link to an instructional video online. Shot from the set of Liquid Metal 2, Strebler teaches a new subtlety developed by Brad Christian that gives performers another option.

One by Matthew Underhill. The Anniversary Waltz plot is classic, but Underhill improved it with an effect that lets the performer move an actual printed heart on a card. All the magic happens on the face of the card. Underhill’s handling has earned some rave reviews and is a regular worker in the sets of a bunch of Ellusionist performers, including forum director Adam Wilber.

Colossal Close-up Mat. These rubber-backed, handmade close-up mats are about twice the size of larger close-up mats on the market. Featuring a flocked-grey surface, the mat is emblazoned with the new logo of the Ellusionist Playing Card Company. This mat is seriously oversized: It offers enough space for beautiful spreads and displays. It’s perfect for your practice space and will give you plenty of work and inspiration.

These three things are in addition to our warehouse full of magic. This is a great time to stock up on decks for future gigs, or take a chance on something you’ve always wanted to try.

All the details of the promotion can be found here. The fight is over at midnight Saturday.

Fix Santa’s slips: 15 percent discount in effect until Friday

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Did Santa not come through with a Pure Smoke? Not enough Infinity decks of playing cards in your stockings? Hoping to unwrap some Metal on Christmas morning? You can fix that. Pretty easily until Friday, in fact. Until midnight Friday (U.S. Eastern), you can take 15 percent off your entire order. Combine that with discounts you get for buying decks in larger quantities, and you might get up to 30 percent off of some items.

Merry Christmas to you, indeed!

Yes, 15 percent off is crazy. Not quite used-car-salesman-guy-on-TV crazy, but crazy for us. We hardly ever offer an entire storewide discount. So why the sale? Because you deserve a treat to yourself. And because we need to clear space in our warehouse — see, there’s a bunch of hotness coming in 2012, and we need to make space for it. Our moving project is your gain.

In any event, this is a chance for you to fix any magic-gift omissions. Fill your cart, then when you get to checkout, use the promo code “3DAY15OFF”. Keep that holiday glow around a few extra days. And yeah, holiday giveaway bonuses still count. We’re still throwing in bracelets, after all…

Know the code for a Merr-E Christmas: 15 percent discount storewide for 48 hours

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Drop your controller and pick up your keyboard — note the following code: “HOLIDAY2010″.

That code won’t give you unlimited lives or full power, like up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. But it will score you 15 percent off your entire order.

All you have to do: Enter that code in the coupon section at checkout. After that, you’re paying 15 percent less. And your purchase still qualifies you to earn rewards (Heads up: Qualification for rewards is still marked by the final checkout price — not the price before the discount).

This sale is good for the next two days. It ends at midnight on Wednesday (U.S. Eastern). After that, the code won’t work. Neither will the Konami code. Not that the Konami code actually does anything on this site.

Seize the day, prepare for Halloween night: Black Ghost decks 30 percent off until Thursday

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Halloween is coming. That means it’s our time to shine.

At no time of the year do people expect magic more. You know how all your friends get: They start talking about ghost hunting shows, horror movies and communicating with the dead. When the orange and black start decorating everything in sight, your buds start thinking paranormal — we’re not talking cheesy, cartoon witches and skeleton here. They want disturbing realities.

That is your cue: People want to be floored with great magic. So go show ’em.

To help you out, we’ve put our 2nd ed. Black Ghost playing cards on sale for the next 72 hours. This darker companion to the Ghost deck will help you spook up your presentations over Halloween. Until Thursday at midnight, you can snag them at a 30 percent discount.

And if you’re looking for a bigger punch in your performance, we put together some of our creepier, freakier effects in this Halloween section. Get your freakshow on.