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5 magic tricks guaranteed to get her number

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Ace of hearts

Magicians laugh at the guys struggling tirelessly to get digits with crappy pickup lines, as we walk away with the phone numbers of girls they’ve been trying to get all night.

The truth is that magicians are much better suited to play the dating game than most guys. Magicians have advantages over regular guys because they are better listeners, charismatic and can react to a wide variety of situations. They also know how to engage attention and create mystery.

Here we will show you examples of sure-fire ways to get that hottie’s number using five of our favorite tricks tweaked specifically for the task… but be warned. These are not methods to trick or fool a girl into giving you her number. These just make the exchange something she’ll remember for a long time — and that’s a good thing. So use these sparingly, and only when she knows that digits are coming:

The first trick in the lineup is….


2009 Holiday Giveaway winners announced

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

UPDATE: Winners listed below will get an e-mail confirmation when prizes are shipped.

The presents are opened, the songs have been sung, Santa’s done his global chimney and all that’s left to do this Christmas is announce the winners of our 2009 Holiday Giveaway. As it was last year, we had two ways for you to score some extra stuff. In addition to the brackets, we drew random names for several huge prizes, one of which is a race through Ellusionist’s virtual shelves.

Those of you who won can expect your prizes via USPS Priority. Winners of the Great Ellusionist Sweep and training session with Brad: We’ll be in touch.

Without further ado, the complete list of winners is below. Congratulations! (more…)

Arcane contest winners announced

Friday, October 30th, 2009

The Joker has been busy indeed over the last few days, but she has finally decided to heap some niceties on those of you who braved the largest, biggest release of a custom deck yet. These winners were randomly chosen from customers who ordered Arcane decks during the first two days of availability. Congratulations to our Arcane contest winners, and to everyone who contributed to a record-breaking day.

Lane C. Thompson won the uncut sheet, the lucky dog.

Winners of the free Arcane stainless steel clip are:

  • Jack Champagne
  • TJ Bourne
  • Ian J. Throckmorton
  • Mitchell D. Berger
  • Anthony Nowak

And the winners of free black Arcane decks are:

  • Philip E. McDonough
  • Mathew J. Kenward
  • Ronald Phifer
  • Frank Spies
  • Kevin Spohr
  • Stephen Meli
  • Nathan J. Parsons
  • Aaron Kupferman
  • Barton Snell
  • Rick Gatt

Blaine gives advice to campers through Garcia’s cell phone

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

You know that Daniel Garcia was at Sorcerer’s Safari this year, right? You also know that he was a consultant for David Blaine’s “Dive of Death” special, right. Safe to say that DG has Blaine on speed dial. He took advantage of that connection this year and got Blaine to give some advice to the campers. The video is, well, you’ll see:

Var18 wins Post of the Week

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

The dictionary outlines a pretty clear difference between the words improbable and impossible. However, the difference is even more important for magicians. It’s the difference between a really great trick and miraculous magic.

So argues forum member Var18, of Pennsylvania, in this thread he posted last week. In it, he tells how his brother’s reactions led him to realize how to improve his performances. His post is very reminiscent of what Darwin Ortiz writes about in his book “Strong Magic.” Because we’re reading that book right now, and because his post started a great conversation, Var18 wins this week’s Post of the Week.

Go check the thread out and give him props, cred or whatever congratulatory noun feels right. Then think about how you can make your magic tricks even more impossible.