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New Ellusionist section: Welcome to E-Life

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

In case you didn’t notice, there’s been a couple of changes to the Web site. Keen observers will notice the huge frickin’ pictures in the middle that detail all the awesome coming out over the next few. There is also a new page for beginners, filled with information and direction, helping them focus on what they want to accomplish.

Some of you may have noticed this:

Which led to this page.

This is the beginning of something big. The visions for this were started YEARS ago, when more and more of you wanted a more in-depth community experience, and to know what went on behind the scenes at Ellusionist. A little less than a year ago, a select group of forum moderators got busy dreaming, planning and testing out new ideas. After pounding keys big time, we have set in motion all those plans and aspirations. We call it E-Life.

It’s simple, really. We have found that magic changes us. It gets in our system and heightens our perception and powers of observation. It turns us into opportunists interested in connecting with people in a profound way. We have also found that the journey is so much better when we walk it together. We think that the thing that binds us all together is that we don’t limit ourselves to simply learning magic tricks — we are constantly seeking how to perform better and reach more and more spectators.

Like we said, this is a beginning. You’ll see more of our artists profiled here. You’ll see future events, such as new podcasts, product releases and live chats with our forum members. You’ll see streamlined systems that will give more prominence to your videos and other contributions. And you’ll see some unique promotions that could net you free stuff.

Join the conversation. Tell us what you think here, or give us some ideas about what you’d like to see.

M5 video unleashed: Justin Miller’s latest round of awesome now available

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The wait is over. M5 System Tactics and Training is now available.

If you have an M5, dust it off. If you don’t, this will make you reconsider. This two-edition DVD features almost four hours of effects and ideas for beginner and advanced M5 users. Sure, you can use the routines as presented. But this project is going to light a fire in your brain. After watching this, you’re bound to come up with your own ideas to infuse your favorite objects with inexplicable magic.

We said this a couple of posts ago: Justin Miller is the guy who took gaff cards and loops to the next level. Putting an M5 in his hands is like giving a paintbrush and oils to a Renaissance master.

More information and pricing, including a kick-butt trailer, is right here. Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole.

Wait is almost over: Justin Miller talks about M5 System Tactics and Training

Monday, July 13th, 2009

One of the most anticipated projects Ellusionist has produced is nearly here.

For years, there has been talk about a training video for the M5 System. The wait is nearly over.

Be here tomorrow (July 14) to snag “M5 System Tactics and Training,” featuring one of the most creative minds in magic: Justin Miller.

This two-DVD set is packed with effects, training and pointers on how to use the M5. You’ll learn some great routines and valuable advice that will help you devise your own twisted miracles. Broken up into beginner and advanced videos, the set will give both novices and pros a fresh look at how to use this powerful device. You know what Miller did for gaff cards and loops, so just wait until you see what he and Brad came up with for this.

Miller talked with us about the project, including some of the effects, what makes the M5 so powerful and about his own Fireman Bill moment in the interview below. Enjoy.


If you have the M5 already, the videos will be $34.95 for one or $59.90 for both. If not, there will be combo deals to where you could get both videos for $50. Keep an eye here or on your e-mail inbox for more information.

Welcome to The Next Level: Ellusionist introduces new podcast series

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Welcome to The Next Level. This is a new podcast series from your friends at Ellusionist.

The Next Level is a regular mini-lecture with some of your favorite names in magic. We’re going to talk about a bunch of different subjects, including palming, starting a business, writing patter and storylines and much more. Some of the subjects will be on the beginner side of the scale, some might require some basic knowledge of the Erdnase one-handed shift. Most will be in the intermediate range. You’ll get to know more Ellusionist artists, and even a few of the forum’s Moderators and Elites. And you’re going to hear much more from Brad Christian.

Best of all: You’ll get to have a say in future content. In the podcast forums, you can respond to the current episode, request future topics or ask questions for the next episode.

Actually, this is the best of all: It’s completely free. All it costs you is the time to click on a play button. Or download it to your MP3 player. Do whatever you want. We’re not the boss of you.

This week, in the first edition of The Next Level, Brad Christian talks to us about some of the finer points dealing with performing for complete strangers. You’ll hear where some of the best places to perform are, how to spot the best spectators and what to do when you blow a trick. Plus, you’ll hear about the first time Brad performed for strangers. It’s an epic story.

Future episodes will come out once every two or three weeks. Next time, Aaron Fisher will join us to talk about palming cards.

Bottom line: We’ve always been about helping you improve and grow as a magician. We want you to get the kinds of reactions you see in the trailers for our products. Whether you’re a hobbyist content to perform for friends and family, or someone with aspirations of breaking through to the big-time, these podcasts will help you reach the next level of your performance goals. Enjoy, and be sure to leave your feedback in the Podcast forums.

Download it here.

iTunes subscription link coming soon.

Bullets: Houchin’s house hounded, Blaine on Ellen, unique magic display, get social with E

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Some more bullets for your Friday enjoyment:

  • As if Wayne Houchin hasn’t been through enough, with his hectic schedule and harried rush to get “Art of Magic” out the door. After a post-deadline crash, some drunk dude tried to break into his house. Seriously. Houchin tells the full story on the latest edition of the AwesomeCast. And speaking of Art of Magic, the latest trailer has been released.
  • David Blaine and his incredible street magic will be part of the lineup on the June 17 Ellen Degeneres show, to be aired from the Chicago Theatre. Other guests include Kanye West and Nick Cannon.
  • Found on iTricks: Justin Robert Young found this unique, macabre, magic-related exhibit in Australia. Lauren Brown’s Abracadaver combines funeral paraphernalia with magic gimmicks. Very cool. In a Voltaire kind of way. It’s so easy when you’re evil. And speaking of iTricks: Young has marshaled a worldwide staff of reporters in addition to his vast network of tipsters. That means the site is packed with even more magic news. Sweet.
  • MySpace, Facebook and Twitter fans: The blog has been updated to work better with your favorite service. You can share a post on your personal site by clicking the links by the headline. Or you can go directly to our sites by clicking the buttons in the upper left. We’ll see you there, and we promise not to call you Twitter fans “twits” or “twats.”