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CONTEST: 3 Ways to Win the Ultimate IMX2012 Experience with Free Passes!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

With less than 6 weeks until IMX2012 – we’ve bought out plane tickets, we’ve got our hotel booked, our itinerary planned – and we realised while packing our bags that we actually had 3 extra passes – 3 passes we figured we’d give to you, so you can join us for the greatest convention of the year. Hosted in Vegas, with names like Greg Wilson, Jeff McBride, Dani DaOrtiz and Lennart Green along for the ride, you know this thing is going to be HUGE.

But enough about all that – we know what you really want to know. How do you get your hands on these fabled tickets? It’s simple, so get your bags packed. We’re giving you 3 ways to get your hands on them. The more ways you enter – the more chances you have to win.

Way 1. Twitter

Win in 140 Characters or less! Simply Follow @Ellusionist and @IMXLasVegas, and tell us WHO you want to see the most, and why – making sure to use the hashtag #IMX2012. We’ll pick the most creative, honest, humorous – basically the best tweet that complies with the above conditions, and we’ll give them a free pass to the convention.  You’ll also get to hang out with us – come by the booth and meet Brad, Jason, Peter and Eric – we’ll all be there. You can even bring us nachos from the buffet. We like nachos.


Way 2. Facebook

We want to know just how much you really want to win the Ultimate IMX2012 experience. So – we’re not going to tell you what you need to do, you’ll need to tell us what you’re willing to do to win. Would you be nice to your sister for a whole day? Would you string up a massive ‘Please Ellusionist, Send me to IMX2012!’ sign at the next NFL Game you attend? Would you give away your entire collection of playing cards to a Hospital or Nursing Home – including Gold Arcanes?

Simply post on Facebook what you’re willing to do, tag @Ellusionist: Magic Beyond Belief and @IMX International Magic Experience – and cross your fingers that you’re chosen. But be honest in what you’re willing to do – because if you win, you will need to do it – and we’ll verify it before we send you tickets. Again, most humorous, creative and downright epic post will win.


Way 3. Pinterest

What? What’s Pinterest? How do I win with this thing? First – crawl out from under that rock. Pinterest is here, and it’s great fun. It’s basically a collection of Pinboards of everything you find and want to share on the web. There’s boards for Brownie Recipes, LOLCats, Wishlists, Cool Gadgets, Travel – and even Magic. It’s the fastest growing social media community on the web – and we’re doing awesome things with it – including sending one Pinterester to IMX2012. To win, follow @Ellusionist on Pinterest and create a ‘What a Free Ticket to #IMX2012 from Ellusionist Means to Me’ Board. Then get Pinning!

Whether it’s the sights of Vegas, Piff the Magic Dragon, buying Arcanes, Artifice Decks and PureSmoke at our Booth (hint hint – pin or repin from or cruising around town in one of those giant Pink Stretch Hummers – we want to know what a free ProPass to the Ultimate IMX2012 experience means to you. Not on Pinterest yet? Register on and start following us for your chance to win – as there’ll be more ways to win with Pinterest in the future from us as well.


All entries will close on Friday, 27th of April at 9pm EST. Winners will be announced across our social media streams on the evening of Sunday 29th of April – giving you 3 weeks until IMX2012.

That’s 3 Easy Ways we’re giving you to win a Free ProPass Registration to IMX2012 Las Vegas, as well as the chance to come hang out with us while we’re kickin’ it there too. So – go out there and get to ‘tweepospinning’ – that’s right, we just made our own buzzword.

We can do that, we’re awesome.

Good luck to everyone. Make those entries count – we’ll keep everyone updated as things progress, and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at IMX2012.

Magic helps lawyer see through cons, trickery, deception of Sin City

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Maybe we missed an important career field in our recent post about which careers mesh with magic perfectly: Lawyer. That’s the sense we get after reading a report about a Las Vegas attorney’s new book.

When Rick Lax wrote his first book about his law school adventures, it got a lot of favorable, glowing reviews from magicians, writes Ellen Sterling of the Huffington Post. Including Las Vegas magician Penn Jillette. His second book continues the theme by living the dream in Las Vegas and diving into hoodwinks, headtrips and other more hedonistic hustles.

“Fool Me Once: Hustlers, Hookers, Headliners, and how NOT to Get Screwed in Vegas” is a study of magic’s mecca and its seedy underbelly. He dives into the parts that don’t exactly get shown on CSI — the parts that include, well, we’ll say the non-magical uses of our art. For his research, he went to those who praised him so floridly for book No. 1.

“Lax sought out the community of magicians, sharply aware of the irony of the fact that as a magician he’s ‘learned how to deceive people in the context of magic and I like writing stories that have a deceptive angle, that have hypocrisy.'”

Catch that part about how he used to be a magician?

Part of his first book, “Lawyer Boy: A Case Study on Growing Up,” reveals that he entered law school after giving up his dream of becoming a magician. In case you don’t exactly see the correlation, we’ll let Jillette spell it out in his review of that book:

“Rick Lax is really funny and uses his background in magic to see through the bull**** and hypocrisy that make up the law school experience. I’m really glad he’s getting the law degree so he has a job other than magic — we don’t need this kind of competition.”

The book is available virtually everywhere, including many of your favorite online retailers. Looks like this one is getting added to an already large must-read pile.

E joins forces with the Las Vegas magic convention that will feature Ponta’s U.S. debut

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Ponta the Smith, creator of the ultra-smooth coin magic in Sick, will make his first U.S. appearance at a new magic convention scheduled for May 23-25, 2011, in Las Vegas. Also on the lineup are Wayne Houchin, Pit Hartling, Michael Ammar, Shoot Ogawa, Richard Sanders and Banachek.

We love magic conventions, but we sometimes also get frustrated with them. There’s so much knowledge available at them, but when a certain session doesn’t really speak to us, or apply to us, we start to feel like we’re just sating curiosity about how a magic trick is done, and not really learning anything.

So count us fans of IMX2011. The International Magic Convention is going to feature all of the above and more, but in smaller, customizable sessions with more detailed instruction. Don’t get us wrong: Banachek is awesome, but if you’re not a mentalist, you’d probably rather listen to Hartling or Houchin, right?

So how does that work, exactly?

“There will be multiple repeat sessions happening simultaneously, so at any one time you will have multiple sessions taking place,” said organizer Craig Mitchell. “Delegates will be able to log onto the Website, select their sessions and create their own custom convention experience based on their particular interests.”

Class sizes and frequency will be determined by attendees’ preferences, which will be filed before the event, Mitchell said. The lineup is packed with worldwide professionals, including some of the top names in magic today, and those who register early will get priority for sessions and seating.

You know how we are when we think something is a great idea: We get involved. Ellusionist is joining forces with IMX2011. Currently, registration for the entire three-day conference is $149. If you register early, you’ll also get a free $30 download of one of our videos, and an invite to an E-only event with conference artists.

Check out the early registration deal (including VIP treatment and what a Pro Pass will get you) and find out how you can stay at the convention for free, including your flight, hotel stay and registration. You’ll have to fund your own test of your absolutely iron-clad blackjack system, though. They won’t cover that.

McBride’s Wonderground to return to Vegas

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

As promised: Jeff McBride is bringing back the Wonderground to Vegas.

The club offered a unique magic nightlife experience after McBride’s Vegas show, but he put it on hiatus and took it with him through an Asian tour. It featured magic, dancing, a live DJ, performance art and much more.

Wonderground will be held at 8 p.m. every third Thursday at The Olive (McBride’s favorite Mediterranean restaurant and hookah bar). It will include magic, variety, performance art, DJ Master Diaz, the Mojo A Go-Go Girls and close-up magic performed by students of McBride’s magic school. If you can’t make it, you can always watch it.

Bullets: P&T in NYC, mental over mentalists, Brown’s next gig, Pixie magic

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Bullets, bullets, bullets! Whoo-hah!

  • Our upcoming Next Level with Sean Fields has us thinking about one of his influences: Penn and Teller. Um, two influences. ANYWAY: P&T are venturing off the Las Vegas strip for the first time in, like, forEVER. iTricks has the scoop.
  • Speaking of Vegas: Mike Weatherford of the Las Vegas Review Journal has a great column about mentalism and what makes it so compelling. After reading it, does it make you wanna set the cards aside and brush up on your NLP skills? Us too.
  • Speaking of great mentalists: Derren Brown has announced what his next venture will be. The master mentalist will star in several documentaries with people who believe they have psychic or paranormal abilities.
  • Speaking of wondering where is my mind: Did you know that Pixies drummer David Lovering was a magician? And good enough to be featured at the Magic Castle? We didn’t, either. Wanna see? Here comes your man: