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Jason Brumbalow answers iTricks’ questions about InSession

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

InSession, Ellusionist’s new service to connect you with face-to-face, customized magic training, has been generating a lot of buzz on message boards and internet magic sites. One of the biggest posts came from one of the biggest magic sites on the ‘Net: iTricks. On Tuesday, Editor Justin Robert Young had some praise and some skeptical thoughts about the new service, and gave it a good review:

“Although the prices may fall and some personalities will undoubtedly prove themselves more suitable for this kind of work than others, the concept is valid and we wouldn’t be surprised to see is applied on sites other than Ellusionist.”

Back to some of thosee skeptical questions: They were good questions. Young asked them like the pro he is, and Ellusionist Vice President Jason Brumbalow answered them in the latest edition of the iTricks Magic Week in Review. In the podcast, JBone talks about how the idea got started, how resistant the sessions are to someone who decides to record the chat and post it live, an update on shorter time increments and more.

You can listen to the podcast on iTricks here.

Houdini statue to be placed in storage, relocated

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Admit it: This statue, inspired by Harry Houdini and one of his chained escapes from a trunk, is freakin’ cool.

“Metamorphosis” is on display outside the Appleton Art Center in Appleton, Wisc. It is displayed on a large, brick platform made to resemble a stage, and rests on a plot of land where the magician’s childhood home once stood. And if you go there, you can see it live and in person — for the next few days, anyway.

As renovations continue at the center, the statue will be placed in storage for a few, then moved to another location to be decided by Appleton Downtown Corp.

When things go into storage, we get a little nervous. Especially when it’s art, which ought to be seen. Justin Robert Young over at iTricks reports that a final location has not been decided yet, and that you can give your opinion about where it should go.

Bullets: Fisher’s ‘Engine’ session, Blaine’s stunt, Mindfreak’s next season, Letterman features magic

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Justin Robert Young over at iTricks is the man. He gives this blog and others credits and links for breaking the occasional story, but we don’t see anyone else giving him props for the stories he breaks three times as often. Dude put two and two together for a couple of biggies this week:

  • We don’t know about you, but we know where we’ll be on Saturday: Glued to our monitors. Aaron Fisher will be joined by Wayne Houchin and Steve Johnson for a special session about the book “The Paper Engine.” According to an e-mail, the free session should have plenty of time for questions and comments. The session starts at 12 p.m. Pacific on Saturday at (we’ll post a more accurate link closer to the session).
  • David Blaine was featured in this great interview with Interview Magazine. A bunch of people have forwarded this to me, but iTricks spotted the golden quote — namely, what Blaine’s final stunt will likely be. Although he isn’t forgetting about sleep deprivation, he plans to cross an ocean in a glass bottle. We suspect that the interviewer didn’t know the value of that quote.
  • Criss Angel’s Mindfreak will return to the A&E Network for a sixth season. iTricks made the connection that it would keep the hourlong format, although there was speculation otherwise.
  • We love Dodd Vickers over at the Magic Newswire, as well. That’s where we read that David Letterman is hosting a close-up magic week. We’re talking appearances from Steve Cohen, John Carney, Johnny “Ace” Palmer, Jason Randal and Michael Ammar. Consider us geeked. Guess Ellen DeGeneres is starting to get more influential than Oprah.

Bullets: Amazing science edition!

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Maybe it’s because we spent the weekend watching “The Prestige” while practicing some new-to-us Jerry Sadowitz hotness. Or maybe it’s all the episodes of Penn & Teller’s “Bulls***!” we watched last week. Whatever it is, magic’s connection to science is on the brain. Maybe that’s why all these links jumped from the screen while searching for blogworthy bits:

  • The (Scotland) Herald has a great feature on Professor John Brown, the royal astronomer who has a penchant for magic and no fear of mixing the two. Magic plays a large role in the astronomy classes he teaches.
  • Intel showed off some new “mind-reading” technology, which predicted with 90 percent accuracy a choice between two words. Magician Eric DeCamps, in this iTricks interview, said (and we’re paraphrasing here), “Meh.”
  • We think we’re offended. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in response to a high rate of deaths, is working to install red-light cameras at intersections. The cameras, like their U.S. Constutionally-questionable counterparts, take pictures of red light runners and send tickets through the mail. Here’s the offensive part: The name of this system is “Saher,” Arabic for “magician.”
  • We started with astronomy, and we’ll end with a video of the first card trick in space. Physicist Ed Lu and legend James Randi filmed the trick in 2003. This video has inspired us: Ellusionist is now raising money to send Bone Ho into space to flourish cards in zero gravity.

Online magic lecture to help earthquake recovery

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

For those who participated in our Haiti fundraising auction yet didn’t win anything, iTricks has an event you don’t want to miss.

For a $10 donation, you get front row seats to a video lecture featuring Aaron Fisher, Wayne Houchin, Dan and Dave Buck, Joshua Jay and many, many more. The donations will go straight to Haiti relief efforts of the American Red Cross.

The lecture will be held at 8 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, Feb. 17 at a secret location on the Internet. That location will be disclosed once you make your donation; details about that are on the Facebook page for Magicians United for Haiti.

Justin Robert Young will lead the session between some of the top minds in magic today. This is an event crammed with good information that will make you a better magician. Check out the lineup of magicians, and do not miss out.