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Madison Rounders earn rave reviews: Black Club members receive samples

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Earlier in February, members of the Black Club received a strange, unannounced black package. Inside the black bubble-wrapped mailers were a deck of cards and a letter from Daniel Madison, asking members to sample the deck and report their feelings about the cards on our Facebook page.

Members responded with incredible pictures and glowing reviews.

That’s how Rounders entered the world.

Madison Rounders, the new deck of cards from Madison and Ellusionist, reflect his unique take on card work and design. Done in a minimal style, the cards are elegant, subtle and polished. Everything from the backs to the casino-worthy Ace of Spades reflects a simple style that gets to the heart of card handling.

“I have always thought that everything beautiful is either intricate or simple, and I am drawn to the latter, especially in design.”

Black Club members agree. Check out some of these reviews we’ve received:

  • ~ CHRIS COULSTING: It’s true simple is almost always better, and that makes this deck work. Court cards are great, and at first glance don’t even seem custom. Even the simplicity of the box is really attractive, and yes, I’m playing with them at this moment.
  • ~ XAVIER JERUSALEM: The stock is flawless, and the simplicity of the deck is second to none. The flow of the cards are as smooth as water. Simply beautiful.
  • ~ GREG WALLIS: I just received my deck last week and have played with it a lot. The simplicity of the deck design gives the deck its strength. The stock is absolutely perfect. My flourishes are now effortless and the deck adds to the elegance of my performances. No other deck I own handles quite so nicely and easily. I own over 2,000 (yes, two thousand) other decks and this is by far the very best. Awesome job Daniel and the Ellusionist team…another fantastic product. Keep it up!!
  • ~ DVITTO PATILLA: Elegant, smooth, pretty, original and of course perfect handling… Can’t really ask for more. This is THE deck. Apart from if you like the design, the colors or those customized court cards, the deck is just perfect. You just need to spread them and feel them to know it.

Find out for yourself. Get your Madison Rounders decks while you can, and add your review to the list.

Highly pursued LTD decks now unlimited, redesigned in blue

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

The LTD deck is one of the most high-demand decks we’ve ever created. Ever since its release as a limited run of 5,000, we’ve seen people respond big-time to our promotions, and seen decks command around $100 on online auction sites.

The demand has been so high that we’re giving everyone a chance to snag the LTD look — in a way that protects the value of the original LTD, and gives the new deck a fresh, new look.

This is your chance.

Available now is the Blue LTD, a different look for a refined deck. Designed by Peter McKinnon, the Blue LTD has all the same features as the Red deck — same index font, same elegant Ace of Spades, same deep-red hue on the faces of the hearts, diamonds and court cards, same superior card stock with our signature Performance Coating.

What’s different is the blue color, and the amount of decks available. The Blue LTD is unlimited — there are plenty of decks available for everyone, and your investment into any red decks you own is protected. And if you’re lucky enough to own a few red decks, you’ll love the ability to do color-changing deck routines such as Chris Mayhew’s Fade.

What’s that? You don’t have a Red LTD deck, one of the only 5,000 printed? No worries. Buy 12 Blue LTD decks, and we’ll throw in a Red one completely free.

Anyone can get a regular deck of cards from a toy store or grocery. But the LTD deck is different. Its combination of modern design and superior quality makes it a high-end, luxury deck. It fits right in next to your Nixon watch, Burberry jacket and Hugo Boss shoes.

Sultan Republic deck a tribute to magic’s ancient origins

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Our custom decks of playing cards are meant to be so much more than toys. We want them to be part of your character. They should enhance your presentation, and ultimately lead you to a place where you become the star of the magic you perform.

Our next offering goes back directly to magic’s roots.

Magic is almost as old as humanity. Some historians argue that the first performance of a cups and balls routine is displayed in hieroglyphs on the walls of Beni Hasan, in the southwestern region of the Fertile Crescent. Other legends speak of Dedi, the (fictional?) wizard who removed and restored the heads of birds. The era defines mystery. Filled with secrets, sorcery and spells. Magic was in the air, and still is.

The Sultan Republic deck is inspired by that mystery.

Ellusionist’s high standards of quality are all over this deck, from the tuck case’s silver embossed lettering to the top-of-the-line stock and Performance Coating of the cards. Each pip contains echoes of the pyramids, built to guard pharaohs’ treasures and legacies. The backs feature iconography, hieroglyphs and other elements that hearken back to those days of sand, stone and fire, of powerful emperors, court wizards and dark secrets.

The Sultan Republic is a place of inspiration, riddles and secrets. Let this deck inspire your creativity, push your presentation and pursue your art. To join the Republic is to dedicate yourself anew to this beautiful art, as old as the sand.

Mayhew’s monte, double deck deal make great day for card lovers

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

From a three-card monte routine to a can’t-miss promo, today is a good day for card magic lovers.

Fade is a brilliant expansion of the three-card monte plot. Find the lady? Good luck. In Chris Mayhew’s version, you’ll lose track of the queen, the spot cards, even the whole deck. Mayhew’s Fade uses no false throws, shifty switches or fast flinging. In fact, all he’s doing is raising and lowering the deck. And with more kickers than a Jackie Chan movie, Fade throws in surprise after dizzying surprise.

Fade will pack your arsenal with a great routine good for all kinds of street situations. In the process, you’ll learn two new sleights and get some leads on paths to further your card magic research.

Download Fade, and throw some extra cards in your order. You’ll want to stock up now, because until midnight Saturday, we’ll double-down your LTD decks. If you spend $150 on an order with shippable merchandies, you’ll get two LTD decks instead of one. These decks have become one of the most talked-about collectibles this year, and you have a chance to snag two of them.

This offer expires at midnight Saturday (U.S. Eastern), so don’t miss out. Stock up on Artifice Second Edition decks, in both colors. You’ll find they work perfectly for Fade.

Infinity Series: Ellusionist’s most ambitious deck now available

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Infinity has begun. Your limits have ended.

The most ambitious deck of cards we have ever released is now available to you. Each deck features our superior stock with Performance Coating, made by card workers for card workers. But the most stunning part of the Infinity Series playing cards is the level of detail in the art.

Looking at the back will be almost like gazing into a crystal ball. The level of intricate detail pushed the U.S. Playing Card Company to the max. Let it encourage you to push your presentation and skill. These cards are meant for your audiences.

Infinity Series playing cards are available right now. And don’t miss the epic trailer for the cards. Watch it below:

Infinity Playing Cards | from Ellusionist on Vimeo.