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Speakers named for this year’s EMC

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Last year, Luis de Matos, Marco Tempest and others blazed a major trail by creating the Essential Magic Conference. Completely online, the conference brought dizzying magic, brilliant theory and excellent presentations to thousands of members worldwide through the comfort of their own Internet connections. The conference removed the travel and distance barrier, and brought many of us closer together. It taught some powerful effects (lookin’ at you, Dani DaOrtiz’ marked card routine and Max Maven’s Res-Cue) and covered some powerful theory to developing your own tricks (lookin’ at you, Guy Hollingsworth and your packet trick).

Of course they are doing it again. It’d be a tragedy if they DIDN’T.

This year’s Essential Magic Conference, like last year’s, will be packed with magic experts and legends. Names include Akira Fujii, Dani DaOrtiz, the Bucks, David Berglas, Rene Lavand, Lennart Green and more. Special guest David Copperfield (you may know him as one of your main influences in magic) will give a special presentation that includes answering questions from convention members. All in all, 33 speakers are part of this year’s conference.

More info is coming. In the meantime, get registered now for three days of powerful magic education. Registration is $90, and includes access to all sessions. As a bonus, you’ll receive DVD copies of all the sessions.

If you didn’t attend last year’s session, you can get access to all the sessions and this year’s conference for $135.

Bullets: Blaine’s speaking date, Copperfield’s suit, Downey’s future role, Stratos’ song

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

In between browsing the net, geeking out over the Saints schedule and wondering how to work in a joint podcast with Pittsburgh fans Justin Robert Young and Mike Super over the Steelers v Saints game on Halloween and somehow tie it back to magic, I found a few interesting things. Some might call them random links, but not here, oh no. These are BULLETS:

  • David Blaine will be a guest for the Richmond Forum, a non-profit organization that brings leaders from the world stage to “expand horizons, stimulate conversation and inspire the community.” Other forum guests include Anderson Cooper, George Church, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Condoleezza Rice. Blaine’s speaking date is April 16, 2011. We really wanted to make fun of the forum for announcing the date a year early, but who are we kidding… if we had an interview scheduled with Blaine next year, we’d do the same thing.
  • Finally, the threat of legal action against David Copperfield from an alleged victim of a sexual attack is over. The plaintiff dropped the charges and said she “has had enough,” according to the TMZ folks who find this stuff. We’ll give the link to the story to Dodd Vickers of the Magic Newswire, instead. Because he rocks.
  • Robert Downey Jr. may be all in to play the Wizard of Oz in an upcoming prequel directed by Sam Mendes. Buzzsugar said Downey would play an eccentric magician, but the LA Times went into more detail about how the role would be more true to the darker, more complex character that L. Frank Baum wrote.
  • Jason Brumbalow, vice president of Ellusionist, discovered the electronica work of Stratos, who has recorded an Ellusionist mix of his song, “Black Ghost.” We like. We spent most of the night raving to this song using our D’Lites. Click here for a sample in iTunes.

Bullets: Copperfield’s court date, Berg’s collapse, duo’s Internet tricks, Ludacris’ Mindfreak rap

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Been a while since we loaded the ol’ news revolver and fired some bullets:

  • A court date has been set for a model’s lawsuit, where a woman alleges David Copperfield raped her in 2007. Lacey Carroll (named because a criminal investigation was closed without charges being filed against Copperfield) has been granted a May, 2011 trial date for her civil lawsuit. The Seattle Times’ account has plenty of juicy details about the charges, which Copperfield and his lawyers vigorously deny.
  • Record-breaking card stacker Bryan Berg knocked down his beautiful rendition of The Venetian Macao. The sculpture, comprised of more than 218,000 cards, took about 44 days to build, but only seconds to knock down. Why do it? To prove there was no tape or glue involved. We appreciate doing the destruction himself, but STILL. That’s gotta hurt.
  • For our Brit mates: Barry and Stuart with BBC3 have developed a site for Internet tricks. Spotted by iTricks, the site features that creepy psychic test and another new “test.” Bad news for us Yanks: We can’t watch the explanation vids anymore. Boo.
  • We’re a little late on this, but if you haven’t heard the Ludacris song “Mind Freak,” featuring Criss Angel, it’s right here. Yeah, there’s some cussin’.

Bullets: Meeting Copperfield, magic fitness, money raised, chop cup conundrum

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Don’t worry. Although these bullets may blow your mind (especially the last one), they aren’t lethal:

  • An Essex, U.K. magician says he had a dream come true when he got to see David Copperfield’s private museum. Michael J. Fitch told The Daily (Colchester) Gazette all about the experience, what was inside the museum and the friendly phone call he got while in the bath.
  • While we’re talking about the U.K.: That auction we told you about raised more than £100,000 (US $159,900) for Shelter. According to this report, the bidding was “nail-biting.” An official with the organization said the money will go a long way toward finding new ways to get its message to more Britons.
  • You know you’ll do magic until the day you die. When you get closer to that day, magician Fred Reisz has an outstanding workout for you. The 70-year-old stays fit with a routine of power walks, weightlifting and biking. Keep on keepin’ on, Fred.
  • One of Justin Robert Young’s broheims at iTricks found an incredible video which shows a chop cup that, um… the sleight of hand is… I don’t know what to say, other than I’ve watched this 14 times tonight. Enjoy:

Copperfield fights back against lawsuit

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Two years ago, we heard rumblings about David Copperfield allegedly attacking a woman. Now that paperwork has been filed in court, Copperfield’s attorneys have responded to the accusation.

A 22-year-old woman filed suit against Copperfield in July, claming that the magician threatened and sexually assaulted her while she was a guest on his private island in the Bahamas.

Copperfield’s attorneys responded strongly in a press release, saying that the “lawsuit was extortion for money, plain and simple”:

“This woman, who filed the lawsuit, has a history of lying. She has lied to law enforcement before and, as a result, had innocent people arrested based on a false accusation. She bragged to one of her closest friends that she could make up allegations against a guy to “take a guy down” if she wanted to.”

Dodd Vickers, over at Magic Newswire, has a reprinting of the full release from Copperfield’s attorneys.