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PHOTO CONTEST: Send us pictures of your Wreck decks, win a brick

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Those of you who have Wreck by Daniel Madison: You’ve already ripped up a couple of decks, haven’t you?

Figured so. Once Madison showed it to us, we ripped up a fair share of decks, just like you, in preparation to perform it. But while getting the hang of the tear, we noticed something: These ripped decks look so awesome.

Awesome enough for a photo contest.

Send us pictures of your Wreck decks. We want to see a deck utterly destroyed and creatively composed into a shot. We’ll pick a winner based on creativity, composition, cleverness and coolness. We’ll ship the winner a brick of one of our unlimited custom decks, so that they have a healthy stash for many more performances.

Submit your entry one of three ways:

  • ~ On Facebook: Post your picture to our wall, and make sure it has the hashtag #wreckdeck.
  • ~ On Twitter: Make sure you mention us (@ellusionist) and use the hashtag #wreckdeck.
  • ~ On Instagram: Post it to your feed with the tags #ellusionist and #wreckdeck.

Quick rules:

  • ~ The Wreck deck must be an Ellusionist custom deck. (Bonus points if you have the nerve to Wreck one of our rare decks, but that doesn’t guarantee a win.)
  • ~ Only one entry per person.
  • ~ You must be the creator/photographer of the shot.
  • ~ Image manipulation is allowed, but the backbone of the shot must be a Wreck deck.
  • ~ We will consider only the entries who followed all the contest rules and submission guidelines, including proper tags, one entry, etc. Following all the guidelines is completely your responsibility.
  • ~ Deadline for entries is midnight Eastern on Sunday (Sept. 8).
  • ~ We’ll name a winner sometime Tuesday.

Good luck!

CONTEST: 3 Ways to Win the Ultimate IMX2012 Experience with Free Passes!

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

With less than 6 weeks until IMX2012 – we’ve bought out plane tickets, we’ve got our hotel booked, our itinerary planned – and we realised while packing our bags that we actually had 3 extra passes – 3 passes we figured we’d give to you, so you can join us for the greatest convention of the year. Hosted in Vegas, with names like Greg Wilson, Jeff McBride, Dani DaOrtiz and Lennart Green along for the ride, you know this thing is going to be HUGE.

But enough about all that – we know what you really want to know. How do you get your hands on these fabled tickets? It’s simple, so get your bags packed. We’re giving you 3 ways to get your hands on them. The more ways you enter – the more chances you have to win.

Way 1. Twitter

Win in 140 Characters or less! Simply Follow @Ellusionist and @IMXLasVegas, and tell us WHO you want to see the most, and why – making sure to use the hashtag #IMX2012. We’ll pick the most creative, honest, humorous – basically the best tweet that complies with the above conditions, and we’ll give them a free pass to the convention.  You’ll also get to hang out with us – come by the booth and meet Brad, Jason, Peter and Eric – we’ll all be there. You can even bring us nachos from the buffet. We like nachos.


Way 2. Facebook

We want to know just how much you really want to win the Ultimate IMX2012 experience. So – we’re not going to tell you what you need to do, you’ll need to tell us what you’re willing to do to win. Would you be nice to your sister for a whole day? Would you string up a massive ‘Please Ellusionist, Send me to IMX2012!’ sign at the next NFL Game you attend? Would you give away your entire collection of playing cards to a Hospital or Nursing Home – including Gold Arcanes?

Simply post on Facebook what you’re willing to do, tag @Ellusionist: Magic Beyond Belief and @IMX International Magic Experience – and cross your fingers that you’re chosen. But be honest in what you’re willing to do – because if you win, you will need to do it – and we’ll verify it before we send you tickets. Again, most humorous, creative and downright epic post will win.


Way 3. Pinterest

What? What’s Pinterest? How do I win with this thing? First – crawl out from under that rock. Pinterest is here, and it’s great fun. It’s basically a collection of Pinboards of everything you find and want to share on the web. There’s boards for Brownie Recipes, LOLCats, Wishlists, Cool Gadgets, Travel – and even Magic. It’s the fastest growing social media community on the web – and we’re doing awesome things with it – including sending one Pinterester to IMX2012. To win, follow @Ellusionist on Pinterest and create a ‘What a Free Ticket to #IMX2012 from Ellusionist Means to Me’ Board. Then get Pinning!

Whether it’s the sights of Vegas, Piff the Magic Dragon, buying Arcanes, Artifice Decks and PureSmoke at our Booth (hint hint – pin or repin from or cruising around town in one of those giant Pink Stretch Hummers – we want to know what a free ProPass to the Ultimate IMX2012 experience means to you. Not on Pinterest yet? Register on and start following us for your chance to win – as there’ll be more ways to win with Pinterest in the future from us as well.


All entries will close on Friday, 27th of April at 9pm EST. Winners will be announced across our social media streams on the evening of Sunday 29th of April – giving you 3 weeks until IMX2012.

That’s 3 Easy Ways we’re giving you to win a Free ProPass Registration to IMX2012 Las Vegas, as well as the chance to come hang out with us while we’re kickin’ it there too. So – go out there and get to ‘tweepospinning’ – that’s right, we just made our own buzzword.

We can do that, we’re awesome.

Good luck to everyone. Make those entries count – we’ll keep everyone updated as things progress, and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at IMX2012.

How a Card Trick Let Me Fulfill a Lifelong Dream

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

This post if from one of our team members Adam Wilber. You may know him from his previous release Earbuds. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Adam, and let me say, this guy is passionate about what he does and how he does it. He recently told me about a contest he won and how it allowed him to live out a dream. He wanted to tell all of you about it as well.

                  My name is Adam Wilber. I live and work in Burlington, VT at a company called Seventh Generation. On nights and weekends I perform close-up magic for adults as well as the occasional kid show. I have been working as a part time professional for the last 10 years.

                  My full time work with Seventh Generation is as rewarding of a job as one could imagine. The company produces house hold cleaning products that focus on sustainability as well as healthy living. The reason I bring this up is to put into context how working for this company landed me and my fiancé in the most inspiring magical theater on the planet, The Magic Castle.

Seventh Generation hosted an in-house contest that asked people to show how you speak for the trees. We had just partnered with Universal studios for the making of the movie The Lorax .

For those of you who don’t know what the Lorax is let me briefly explain. The Lorax is a Dr. Seuss book about a little orange critter who speaks for the tree’s as they have no voice of their own. It’s a beautiful story that will play a huge part in educating the children of today about the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle before it’s too late.

The rules of the contest were very simple. Be as creative as you can to show how you speak for the trees in your everyday life. The prize was two tickets to the world premier of the Lorax movie in Hollywood.  Airfare, food, hotel and entertainment were all paid for by Seventh Generation to the one lucky winner. I decided to enter this contest with the goal of winning a chance to not only see this movie but also to secure the opportunity to visit a place I have dreamed about for many years …The Magic Castle.

My contest entry was a simple card trick with a voice-over added that showed how I speak for the trees.

Here’s the video if you choose to watch it:


Soon after entering I was approached by one of the judges who told me I had won and that at the end of the video 3 out of the 4 judges were literally in tears. This was a powerful moment.

It paints a perfect picture of how scripting a trick to your style and remaining honest and true throughout a performance can cause serious emotional connections with your audience.

This trick was in no way innovative, mind boggling or perfectly executed but the emotional connection it made with the judges struck a chord and in turn got me a trip to Hollywood!

The day had finally come when I would get to visit the place I have dreamed about for almost my entire life. We had late dinner reservations at the Castle so we ended up getting there 3 hours early so I could soak up as much of the experience as possible.

In a word I would describe the Magic castle as…Inspiring. This place was wall to wall, floor to ceiling, Magic! We got to see the close up performance before dinner and then had the privilege of seeing John Carney perform his after dinner show.

This was one of the best magic performances I have ever seen. It was elegant, funny, beautifully scripted and to top it off it fooled the hell out of me.

There are certain things in life that make lasting impressions and change the way you think about the direction your life is in. I can honestly say that this trip was one of those moments.

As I sat in the hotel room waiting to leave Hollywood to go back to Vermont, I couldn’t help but think of the opportunities and experiences that would come my way if I were to leave the state I know and love to move out west and join the community of this breathtaking place called The Magic Castle.

I would like to leave you with the idea that it doesn’t take much to connect with an audience, the best thing I have found to ring true over and over is:

Being yourself while performing your magic is what will allow your audience to be emotionally engaged and delighted by your magic.Nobody can be you just as none of us can be Slydini or Marlo or Malone but each and everyone one of us can be the absolute best representation of ourselves and that is magic in itself.

I would personally like to thank Adam Wilber for sharing this story with me and everyone in the magic community. I’m proud to call this man my friend and I look forward to continue working with him. Please leave your comments below on how magic has helped you accomplish one of your dreams, or how your using magic to get there.

-Xavior Spade


How will you watch EMC? Win access with a photo of your setup

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Last year’s Essential Magic Conference set a high standard, and we expect this year’s online conference to be even better. It’s a three-day conference featuring lectures, demonstrations and lessons from the top names in magic. You already know the lineup, so you know you have to be there.

In fact, we have a ticket to give away. You could win it and get access to everything completely free. The only thing we want to know is how you plan on watching it.

Will you have a recliner in front of the computer? Will you send your Internet through your big-screen plasma and chill in the den? Will you secretly bring your tablet PC to your job and watch over work’s WiFi? Will you have a stash of snacks and drinks beside you, so you don’t have to get up? What will you use to take notes?

Show us your rig, or you in your rig, and the most creative entry will get this red-hot ticket, worth $90. Here’s the rules:


Win tickets, airfare to Strebler’s new Myrtle Beach show

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Morgan Strebler is a busy man. In addition to a few projects for Ellusionist and dealing with flooding in his southeast Missouri hometown, he is opening a new show in Myrtle Beach, S.C., very soon. Called “Inside Your Mind,” the Las Vegas performance veteran will feature his unique brand of mentalism and psychokinetic magic. And you could get a chance to see it.

Streb is running a contest on his Facebook fan page, where the winner and a guest will get tickets and airfare to the grand opening of “Inside Your Mind.” He has posted the first of three puzzles on his page. Keep your eye out for the next two puzzles and contest rules over the next few weeks.