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Almost gone for good: Last of the Gold Arcane decks won’t be hoarded

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

Not everything lasts forever. One of the most treasured decks of cards on the market is about to be gone for good.

“Hunger for gold is made greater as more gold is acquired.” Prudentius

There’s nothing like gold. The precious metal found in nature and forged in fire has become a symbol of beauty, desire, excellence, power and wealth. Wars have been fought over it, lives have been lost in pursuit of it. Part currency, part rarity, gold has been formed into all sorts of things, from coins to chandeliers. It is the ultimate allegory in stories and philosophy. The thirst for gold is unquenchable; the more we have, the more we want.

In 2010, a few months after the release of the Arcane deck, we teased our fans with a glint of gold on a playing card. Soon after, we released the Gold Arcane deck out into the wild.

The creation of the deck was just as much a challenge as its predecessor. While printing the original black Arcane in 2009, decks and decks were destroyed because the quality and color wasn’t exactly right. The incredible level of detail on the Arcane deck challenged the staff at U.S. Playing Card Co., who rose to it and printed what they call one of the most stunning decks they had ever printed.

There was only one way to up the ante: Gold ink.

We added gold details to the back and slathered the indicies and the pips of the hearts and diamonds of the faces with gold, using metallic ink. The result was one of the most stunning decks ever printed by USPCC — the first casino-grade deck ever printed with such a look. Because gold should be a treasure, we had only 5,000 decks printed. After that, the printing plates were destroyed.

“Mystery is a resource, like coal or gold, and its preservation is a fine thing.” Tim Cahill

Since then, the Gold Arcane deck has been one of the most sought-after decks of playing cards in this new era of custom playing card creation. A quick scan through reveals that it’s hard to find one for less than $100. But the deck has never been up for regular sale at Ellusionist. For a while, it was the subject of a contest series on our Facebook page: A lucky winner on Gold Wednesday would claim one for themselves. The deck was also a prize for other contests, and was given away through other promotions.

Those days are nearing an end. Our supply of Gold Arcane decks has been reduced to less than 500. But unlike others, we don’t plan on hoarding our gold.

Your last chance to secure a Gold Arcane deck from Ellusionist is coming soon…

Available again: Warehouse stocked with White Arcanes

Monday, April 11th, 2011

After a seven-month drought, one of our best-selling decks of playing cards is finally back in stock. Our shelves are filled with White Arcanes, ready for you to scoop up.

Why the delay? If you’re on our e-mail list, you heard Jason talk about a slew of errors and delays. Because of that, we worked closely with USPC to ensure quality control for these decks.

Oh, there’s also some extra somethin’-somethin’ on these new Arcanes. The same Performance Coating on the black Arcanes and Shadow Masters is now on the white Arcanes. You are going to love how these feel. We think they will make you stop missing the old UV-500.

Grab a few decks today. Let us know what you think about this TRULY different finish.

Air-Cushion? Or something better?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

As of late, there has been much debate about the Ellusionist Playing cards now touting the “Air-Cushion” finish label as forced by the legal team of US Playing Card. Some say that the Air-Cushion finish feels different in performance, or is inferior to it’s predecessor, the UV500 Air-Flow finish. In reality, the differences are so minor to detect, yet the debate rages on….

What do I say? Being the guy who actually works side by side with the US Playing Card’s Research and Development department daily, I say, let’s put this one to bed by trying out our latest round of Ellusionist decks printed at USPC.

Before we go any further, it’s important to know what’s going on with USPC, so if you need to catch up, I suggest reading this post in it’s entirety:

Everything you wanted to know about USPC & Ellusionist, but were afraid to ask.

All schooled up? Groovy. Now onward… as you’ve read, no matter what finish we design for our playing cards, USPC has forced Ellusionist and many other card makers out there to use the “Air-Cushion Finish” label if the decks are displaying what type of finish it has.

Given that, we have worked with USPC extensively over the past 6 months to design what we , behind the scenes, call the “Performance Coating”. This finish was designed for a very special project that I can’t talk about….yet. PC is one of the best finishes we have ever felt on ANY deck of cards, hands down. Yet, we are still bound by USPC to print “Air-Cushion Finish” on the box. Do’h!

So, how do we put this to the test? By your feedback. Some decks are ALREADY out there with the new veneer on them….

If you have purchased the Bicycle Shadow Masters deck or the Arcane Black deck within the past month, you’ll be able to feel the new “Performance Coating” . If you think you loved the UV500, and have bought one of these decks in the past 30 days, I call you to tell us what you think….

The decks currently in stock with the performance Coating:

Bicycle Shadow Masters

Arcane Black deck

Arcane White deck

Vintage 1800 Series Deck (RED)

Lee Asher’s Losing Control now available for download

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

The thing about card controls: Sometimes they can be clunky. Even a pass can be tricky in the wrong situations. That’s what makes the Losing Control, by Lee Asher, such a deadly move. It’s one of the more open yet deceptive controls we’ve seen. But it doesn’t take a lifetime of work to get down.

Beginners and experts alike will appreciate this move, because it lets you concentrate on performance. It allows a spectator to freely select and inspect a card, and lets you get it to the top of the deck effortlessly.

Losing Control Arcane Edition is a PDF packed with instruction, advice, performance tips and links to high-definition clips, so that you can learn it with ease. You’ll be performing this in no time, and will be well armed with a powerful sleight you can use for a myriad of effects.

Going for gold doesn’t get much easier than this: Order $75, snag a Gold Arcane deck as a bonus

Monday, December 20th, 2010

This is it: Your last chance before Christmas to score a great holiday deal. And this particular opportunity is golden.

All you have to do is load your cart with $75 of shippable merchandise, and inside your order you’ll find an extra glint of gold. We’ll throw a Gold Arcane deck of playing cards in your order — in addition to the other rewards you earn for spending $75. This is the first year these decks have been in circulation, so there have been a fair amount of opportunities to get them. But we had only 5,000 printed. After they came off the presses at the U.S. Playing Card Co., we ordered them to destroy the printing plates. So opportunities like this will be few and far between.

Limit of one deck per order. This chance ends at midnight Wednesday (U.S. Eastern). Don’t miss out.