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Sorcerers Safari 2012 – Unfettered Magic Mayhem

Monday, February 6th, 2012


Sorcerer's Safari


So it’s 2012 and there are so many things happening this year that it’s almost too much to list. However, maybe it’s time to begin making plans for the summer!

We’re proud to announce that Ellusionist is a sponsor of this year’s Sorcerers Safari in Canada!

I recently had the pleasure of talking to the founder of the Sorcerers Safari, Mike Segal. The first thing I will say is that he is VERY passionate about doing this for the youth in the magic community. Throughout the years he’s rounded up some of the biggest names in magic for an experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before. For one week in the summer (August 27-September 2) campers will be immersed in all things magic and fun.

Having a line up like they do it makes me wish I was a kid again just to be able to experience what it’s like to be surrounded by my heroes who are there to help ME in what I’m trying to accomplish!

I’m going to run through some of the things that go on at the camp but for more information please head to their website at


This camp is packed with topics ranging from simple sleight of hand all the way to magic as a business and even magic theory!


This struck a real chord with me as you just can’t get that type of access to people of this calibre at a convention. Let me give you a few of the names that are part of the Sorcerers Safari;

  • Aaron Fisher
  • Lee Asher
  • Shawn Farquhar
  • Greg Frewin
  • Wayne Houchin
  • Eric Leclerc
  • Ben Train

And the list goes on and on….

This year the FISM Champion SOMA will be on the list of guests. Keep in mind that the guests may change but will definitely grow, as time gets closer.

So what does that mean for campers? Well it means an unheard of opportunity to actually spend an entire week not only learning from but also hanging out and just jamming with everyone! Man, I really wish I was a kid again. They even go as far as to assist the parents of campers find accommodations nearby if they’re worried about their little Houdini being too far away!

The point is that this is a WONDERFUL opportunity for you or your children who are aspiring magicians to have access to something that very few people do. If it weren’t for Mike Segal and his dedicated staff, none of this would come to pass.

Registration is easy and more than affordable for the week of unforgettable experiences and life long friendships made. We here at Ellusionist are proud to sponsor and honored to assist someone doing something truly amazing for the magic community!

Later this week I’ll be interviewing Mike Segal and he’ll be talking about the Camp and more. If you have any questions, we would like to help get them answered, leave your questions submitted below and we’ll get the info. Also as more information comes up about the camp we’ll be sure to update you as well. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter. Secrets come from everywhere 😉


-Xavior Spade


For more information please visit the Sorcerers Safari website:

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There will be some amazing things happening this year and some opportunities for all of you to get some cool shizzle!

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How does your overhand shuffle look? Aaron Fisher covers important info in video

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Aaron Fisher knows how to keep a card magician’s hands busy with a deck of cards. If you know Aaron, then you’re totally not snickering after reading that last sentence.

If you don’t, this is the perfect chance to meet the creator of Search & Destroy and The Graduate and the author of “The Paper Engine.” Recently, Fisher has rolled out a series of videos. In his Card Magic Minutes, he has covered some basics and added some oomph to some already sick-looking effects. In the video below, an Aaron Fisher card minute equals almost seven minutes of must-watch info about one of the most basic controls we all should be using — and ensuring that it’s up to snuff.

The videos are based off of recurring questions he gets from students of his personal coaching sessions. Good stuff.

Video catchup: Oberle shows a killer tat; Asher, Fisher, Houchin and more stop clocks

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

We kneel at the altar of the magic internet gods and ask for forgiveness for not posting these sooner. Two cool magic vids here:

The first features some of the guys behind Near the end, you can watch B. Smith, a co-creator of Rizer, perform like crazy. But we’re kinda partial to Chris Oberle, who shows off a nice-looking tat. He tells us that’s no temp, and that makes us wanna tell you that he’ll be performing on Dec. 17 at the Southgate House in Cincinnati, Ohio. Because he totally will. Enjoy:

What happens when Lee Asher, Aaron Fisher, Wayne Houchin, Daniel Garcia and other great magicians take the same stage? Time stops. Well, the clocks do, anyway. Enjoy, but don’t blame us if watching this makes you late for work:

Fisher to publish new podcasts this week

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Aaron Fisher is amazing with a deck of cards, but we’ll accuse him of, as it’s said in the journalism business, “burying the lede.”

Over the weekend, we got an e-mail from the creator of Search and Destroy reporting that his past podcasts are available on iTunes. Then, as a p.s., the very last sentence said he’ll be publishing a new season of podcasts starting this week.

Keep an ear out for the audio goodness — they should show up in t iTunes if you subscribe. Or keep watching his Web site. Fisher’s podcasts rank up there with the most educational, informative resources out there.

Bullets: Fisher’s ‘Engine’ session, Blaine’s stunt, Mindfreak’s next season, Letterman features magic

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Justin Robert Young over at iTricks is the man. He gives this blog and others credits and links for breaking the occasional story, but we don’t see anyone else giving him props for the stories he breaks three times as often. Dude put two and two together for a couple of biggies this week:

  • We don’t know about you, but we know where we’ll be on Saturday: Glued to our monitors. Aaron Fisher will be joined by Wayne Houchin and Steve Johnson for a special session about the book “The Paper Engine.” According to an e-mail, the free session should have plenty of time for questions and comments. The session starts at 12 p.m. Pacific on Saturday at (we’ll post a more accurate link closer to the session).
  • David Blaine was featured in this great interview with Interview Magazine. A bunch of people have forwarded this to me, but iTricks spotted the golden quote — namely, what Blaine’s final stunt will likely be. Although he isn’t forgetting about sleep deprivation, he plans to cross an ocean in a glass bottle. We suspect that the interviewer didn’t know the value of that quote.
  • Criss Angel’s Mindfreak will return to the A&E Network for a sixth season. iTricks made the connection that it would keep the hourlong format, although there was speculation otherwise.
  • We love Dodd Vickers over at the Magic Newswire, as well. That’s where we read that David Letterman is hosting a close-up magic week. We’re talking appearances from Steve Cohen, John Carney, Johnny “Ace” Palmer, Jason Randal and Michael Ammar. Consider us geeked. Guess Ellen DeGeneres is starting to get more influential than Oprah.