‘Supernatural Investigator’ set to air on VisionTV

April 8th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Supernatural Investigator set to air on VisionTV

The new season of “Supernatural Investigator,” featuring Canadian magician Jeremy Bennett, is set to air next Tuesday. Bennett will investigate “chaos magick,” a religion inspired by science fiction, mysticism, Eastern religions and Aleister Crowley.

Bennett traveled to San Francisco, Chicago, Buffalo, New York and London in pursuit of his exploration. The half-hour documentary can be seen on the VisionTV network.

Future episodes in the 17-part series cover an alternative theory about Harry Houdini’s death, occult architecture and “The Seducers,” a group of guys who use NLP to score notches on the bedpost. We have a query circulating about how residents of the U.S. and other countries can catch this show; we’ll update this post when we find out.


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