Super working on new magic concept

September 12th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Watch out for Mike Super: He has the next big thing in magic.

What is it? Don’t know. He can’t say yet.

NBC’s “Phenomenon” winner Mike Super will be performing for students at Pittsburg (Kan.) State University tonight. In an interview with The Joplin (Mo.) Globe, he talked about his show, his performance style and went on record about that big thing coming. From the story:

One show in particular, he said, would introduce “a completely different concept that hasn’t been done before.” He can’t say much else about it, he said, because of network agreements and performance secrets, except that it should premiere sometime in 2009.

“When this comes out, it will be the next ripped-off magic trend, it’s that good,” Super said. “It will follow in the street-magic way, and everyone will be trying to do it.”

Though we magicians know magic is making a resurgence, popular culture hasn’t quite caught up yet, thanks to shows such America’s Got Talent (iTricks’ Justin Robert Young provides some compelling evidence of how this show treats magicians), “Masked Magician” specials and even Criss Angel’s antics on Phenomenon. The way to fight that, Super said, is to make sure you develop your performance personality.

“I see magic getting lampooned most of the time, and more than 50 percent of the time, it should be,” Super said. “Magicians can be locked in the past, repetitive and imitative. They don’t develop a stage persona or character.”

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