Sultan Republic deck a tribute to magic’s ancient origins

October 24th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Our custom decks of playing cards are meant to be so much more than toys. We want them to be part of your character. They should enhance your presentation, and ultimately lead you to a place where you become the star of the magic you perform.

Our next offering goes back directly to magic’s roots.

Magic is almost as old as humanity. Some historians argue that the first performance of a cups and balls routine is displayed in hieroglyphs on the walls of Beni Hasan, in the southwestern region of the Fertile Crescent. Other legends speak of Dedi, the (fictional?) wizard who removed and restored the heads of birds. The era defines mystery. Filled with secrets, sorcery and spells. Magic was in the air, and still is.

The Sultan Republic deck is inspired by that mystery.

Ellusionist’s high standards of quality are all over this deck, from the tuck case’s silver embossed lettering to the top-of-the-line stock and Performance Coating of the cards. Each pip contains echoes of the pyramids, built to guard pharaohs’ treasures and legacies. The backs feature iconography, hieroglyphs and other elements that hearken back to those days of sand, stone and fire, of powerful emperors, court wizards and dark secrets.

The Sultan Republic is a place of inspiration, riddles and secrets. Let this deck inspire your creativity, push your presentation and pursue your art. To join the Republic is to dedicate yourself anew to this beautiful art, as old as the sand.


  1. Arcane was the best deck still ever sold !

  2. Arcane? I am not sure. Sultan rules them all!

  3. I own this deck of cards, and they feel a ton better then arcane, and look a ton more proffesional