Students at California high school thrilled after Greg Riley performance

May 10th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

We all know high school students can make for a tough crowd. But one guy recently impressed about 3,000 of them at once.

Greg Riley recently performed during a rally at Glendale High School in California. Judging by the write-up he got in the school’s newspaper, he blew quite a few minds doing tricks with cards, paintballs and more.

Riley also talked about some of his influences and a little bit of the training he underwent after deciding to pursue magic. You can read the report here. Or, check back later — he’s sending us some video that we can’t wait to watch, including some great work with a Frixion pen.


  1. ikbenjasper on:

    cool! awesome,. i also wanna to that soon if i could be a professional. XD

  2. Fredrick Lee on:

    Been on the school papers twice.
    I call the first one shame on display since the magic club i tired to make didn’t get approved due to a miscalculation on my part.
    The second time was generally focused more on my magic and how I got into it and stuff. If you guys are interested I can scan and send you guys over both articles.

  3. ikbenjasper on:

    let me see. i wanna read it due. hmm it’s cool to be on that part. but what do you mean on miscalculation? you mean theres something wrong on the article?

  4. yourmaster on:

    it was a prom and it was so fun