Stellar support: Magician recovering from amputation keeps performing

April 7th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Give props to a magician who is pushing ahead, despite fighting a life-threatening illness and losing a leg.

Gary Darwin is a magician based in Las Vegas. About eight weeks ago, he stepped on a screw; because he’s diabetic, things got worse. First a water blister formed, then a blood blister, then the news that things were much worse — doctors eventually amputated his leg. But he endured it all and was back performing last week, against doctor’s orders.

“I was in pain, and I was supposed to stay in bed,” Darwin said to the Las Vegas Weekly. “But I just had to come. Hopefully the nurse will give me permission to come back next week.”

Dude has some great support, as well: According to the report, Lance Burton stayed with him the night before his surgery, slept on the floor of his room and followed him to the operating room. When Darwin woke up, there were 20 magicians in the room to distract him from the pain.


  1. Jerry Foster on:

    Poor Gary, the man with a million comebacks. I did not really know this happened. No that will not stop Gary and he will continue to go to the hole in the wall in Vegas and do his magic.

  2. Gary Darwin is THE foundation of the Las Vegas Magic scene. There’s very few who love magic the way he does. This article does not surprise me one bit! If you’re ever in Las Vegas on a Wednesday night, make sure to visit the Darwin Magic Meeting. Add it to your ‘bucket list’!