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November 27th, 2007 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Products

Stained Skin LogoWhen considering purchasing Stained Skin it is important to understand what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. What is the effect you want to perform?

It was only natural for people to make a comparison to Daniel Martin’s effect Bruised. This is a very clever effect, but it’s important to look at the effect and not the method. What we’re really talking about is temporary tattoos and just because two marketed effects use these doesn’t mean that one is a rip-off of the other. You have to get past the temporary tattoos and look at the effects.

Bruised is one effect – a bruise provides an unusual reveal. It is versatile in that you can reveal a card, coin, esp symbol, and the ability to customize bruises. So in thinking about this effect and how you’re going to present it, you will need to consider how you will “bring upon” the bruise in your presentation.

Stained Skin, on the other hand, is not just one effect. It offers a wide variety of effects that are only limited by your imagination. Some of the comments that I’ve read were people impulsively thinking it’s just the reveal of a selected playing card on your arm. While that’s possible, it’s hardly scratching the surface of the effects possible.

The card reveals that involve tattoos on you go to another level than just rolling up your sleeve to show a tattoo. Holdout is the perfect example where it looks like the card has been absorbed into your arm. There is an amazing card restoration with the corner of the playing card restoring into the middle of the card. There are effects that utilize coins, newspaper print and dollar bills. These are really incredible and again taking the tattoo concept beyond a simple card reveal on your arm, but rather onto other objects.

Over the next few weeks both here and on the forums we will be sharing new ideas with the tattoos. If you have your own ideas you want to share, let me know.

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