Illusionists bring close-up to stage

October 30th, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Illusionist David Caserta knows how to rivet a crowd. Instead of going for broke with huge stage illusions, he brings his audience to the stage for some pocket-sized miracles.

He features some big illusions in his show, too, no mistake. But as for what gets big reactions, he keeps a working repertoire of close-up. His stage shows feature a big screen and a photographer, so that the whole audience can see what’s going on.

Why should you care?

As if that isn’t obvious enough. More and more magicians that we see are bringing a close-up sense to the big stage. Audiences are paying money to see great performers do the same kind of magic that we all do.

“…we have a close-up camera and a big screen, and I do several tricks that everybody can see. That’s one of the highlights, and people tell me all the time how they love that. It’s amazing because you spend thousands of dollars and countless hours working on the big illusions, and people are fascinated by the sleight of hand you did with a deck of cards.”

Think about that. The secrets behind new stage illusions are vigorously guarded like the Crown Jewels or the gold in Fort Knox, while YouTube exposure kills a lot of solid close-up workers. Yet people are more mystified and fascinated by the card tricks? Awesome.

Caserta knows there is a hunger for close-up out there. People want to see what you do.

So do it. Show them.

Do yourself a favor: If you’re in the area, catch Caserta’s Haunted Illusion show.


  1. I as a Performing stage illusionist and close up artist, can say close up tricks do not sell like big illusions,
    if people paid to come see my show they do not want to see what they saw me do in a bar or club they expect something beyond that i do believe i offered through hours of ideas dollars and creation to bring full scale illusions that take me all over from t.v to private events! close up as it is called close up if i where to have a full theater i would use it for a hell of alot more then just some card effects

    copperfield is best example of someone who does close up and large illusions together

  2. thats so funny i just went to see haunted illusions a week ago he did torn and restored card and cap in bottle(without a pk ring)

  3. I perform close up stage magic, and lemme say this; elagance, perfection and tension control can get even bigger reactions then “Larger then life” magic.

    Allthough alot of audiances do prefer huge illusions with fireworks and paper peices flying in the air like it some parade. Most audainces will just admire and be mystified with a deck of cards or some coins.

    The fact is; everyone has their own style of performance and with that style can create the same emotions and feelings with small tricks and illusions then large ones.