Speed networking session cures magician’s fear of title

April 18th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

We’ve all been there. You’re in a crowd and a bunch of people start introducing themselves. They tell you their name and their trade. When it’s your turn, you say your name, but then what? Do you say “Magician?” “Illusionist?” “Mentalist?” Do you combine terms, such as “inspirational magician?” Or do you not even go there?

You’re not alone. Michael Kent has felt the same thing. (Although, arguably, he has three titles: Comic, magician and smart@$$.) According to a blog post on his site, he talked about his own qualms with saying “I’m a magician”:

“When I was young and first studying magic, it was difficult to determine at what point I WAS a Magician. After I had mastered one trick? Three tricks? One show? One year of performing? Later, the issue became whether or not I wanted OTHER people to call me a Magician. I always thought being a Magician made me look nerdy, and I wasn’t okay with that.”

But that was then and this is now. He can say proudly, “I’m a magician.” And it’s all thanks to a speed-networking session (kind of like speed dating, except for business professionals to market and network). Because he didn’t have the time for explanations or excuses, he found that the rest of his communication helped fill in the blanks:

“I would let my personality, my appearance and my rapport with them tell the rest of the story. Maybe THEY would go home and say “I met a Magician, but he wasn’t like other Magicians.” I don’t need to tell them that. If I’m a Magician who’s also funny, I would tell them “I’m a Magician” and simply BE funny. Otherwise I’m not telling them the truth.”

Kent’s blog post is a great read that’s worth your time. What are your issues? Can you introduce yourself as simply a magician? Do you still feel that awkward tug of embarrassment or dread that someone will comment about kids?

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