Spectators want to see more

August 27th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel

We already know that David Blaine is going to put more magic into his upcoming ABC special, “Dive of Death,” than has been in the last few specials. As it turns out, Criss Angel plans putting more magic into season No. 4 of “Mindfreak,” on A&E.

Justin Robert Young at iTricks was at Angel’s building-implosion stunt. He snagged an interview with several of his creative team, including Ben Seidman, who said that two full episodes this season would be dedicated to closeup magic. From the Aug. 4 Magic Week in Review podcast:

“Although (Angel) is great at closeup, he hasn’t had all of the experience that other closeup magicians have had. So watching him work, starting out as a terrific (stage) magician, but then working his *** off to become a really amazing closeup magician has been great. It’s been inspirational watching the amount time he has dedicated to practicing, and he is learning things beyond a lot of closeup magicians.”

Seidman said to watch out for a trick where a deck is dropped in a pond. Every card will melt away except a spectator’s chosen card.

Over the last several months, magicians have criticized both Blaine and Angel about focusing more on stunts and less on magic. The fact that both of these powerhouse magicians making changes means the viewing public also wants to see more magic.

That means — and this ought to get you excited about hitting the streets — that spectators are hungry to see more.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there. Show them your art.


  1. I’m sure everyone, if not some people, have seen the teaser for his next episode that he will be focusing on more magic than stunts. It appears that he is going to perform a version of the ultimate card through window effect at the Luxor. However, I could be speculating. He does have a deck in his hands and there is a wall window and there are audience members on both sides of the wall and he looks like he’s going to sprinkle cards at the wall??? I just brought this up because it was something that stuck in my mind after I saw it.

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