Sold out again: Damien Savina’s Invisible earns five-star reviews

March 27th, 2013 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Sold out. Again.

Two times, we’ve sold out. Each time, we’ve reordered bigger quantities. Yet Invisible, the trailblazing new system from Damien Savina, keeps selling out.

This is the effect that Brad Christian watched Damien perform in an exclusive high-end restaurant, and he captivated the whole place. This is the levitation effect that introduces an ingenious hookup with a stunning result — the ability to push a floating object sideways.

Invisible features six full, impromptu routines from Savina’s repertoire, which he has honed over many years in magic. It also includes a high-quality reel and a booklet that contains further teaching, advice and ideas.

Out of 50 reviews, 47 of them are five-star (the other three are four-star). Workers and newcomers to this type of system alike have raved about the cleverness, instruction and quality of Damien’s effect. What all those performers have in common is that they are blowing minds:

  • ~ RYAN H.: Leery at first but after watching the video and practicing (and practicing some more) I have been won over. It’s like having an invisible partner who does a ton of work for you. I thought I would get caught (in some lighting situations you will) but I performed the ring levitation surrounded and when that ring rose up off my hand everyone actually took a step back…quite the thriller.
  • ~ CLAY SKIBINSKY: I have never reviewed a product before, but this is worth reviewing. This is a set-up I could never have thought of in a million years and is so useful. I was very pleased with the tricks presented, and also the fact that it came with suggestions for effects to use in case your thread breaks. I feel like there is hardly anything on the market to teach you how to use invisible thread, but this TOTALLY changes that.
  • ~ CHRISTOPHER OUELLETTE: On first glance with the trailer, I thought, “Oh Great, more thread miracles”…until the moment when Mr. Savina decided to push the ring and have it stay in place and it gave to me the same feeling I’ve been trying to convey all along: Awe. The DVD is top professional quality, all aspects of ‘what could go wrong’ and possible outs for these are covered, the gimmick supplied is top notch and with proper practice will last a very long time. His work on the new set-up is fantastic (I’ve played with quite a few “set-ups” and this is by far the one I feel easiest and most comfortable with), great out of the box thinking, AND all movements within routines are JUSTIFIED.
  • ~ MICHAEL CANDELARIA III: This effect is beautiful. The reel is smooth, quiet and a lot better than the one I had before. The package it came in is real nice and can house both the DVD and reel, which I really like. As far as the DVD quality goes, its also great. The only problem I had was that there is no voice walk through, but the close up views and subs make it easy to learn. I’m still practicing so the movements look more natural, overall I love the effect(s) and price.
  • ~ STEVEN JOHNSON: New to ITR, very comfortable setup. Still learning the strength of the IT. My favorite effect is the floating ring. Not a fan of coin magic and the haunted deck seems too unnatural to me. The floating ring effect totally fries people’s minds. The video has no talking for instruction, but it is so well done, it doesn’t need it.

Invisible will return soon. When it comes back, don’t miss it.

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