Smiley, JumpInk, 1800’s and Free Stuff! We told you this month would be big.

July 3rd, 2012 | Jake Steele | Filed Under Products

Smiley by Laurent Mikelfield has just been released. After weeks of teasing on Facebook the effect we flew to France to see is now available. It’s an effect that truly does need to be seen to be believed.
Laurent Mikelfield is an underground magician at the top of his game, and Smiley proves exactly that – it’s fast, visual,  mind-blowing magic at its absolute best.

A card us selected and signed by a spectator before being partially replaced in the pack. The magician draws a smiley face on the back of the top card and shows the spectator. With no cover or funny moves the Smiley Face jumps from the top of the deck to the signed card – visually – and is then handed out for inspection. This effect is one that absolutely stuns onlookers – and leaves your spectator with a signed souvenir they’ll remember for a long time to come. Check out the trailer for yourself.

JumpINK by Rizki Nanda is another effect utilizing the premise of moving ink – but from the other end of the globe with completely different handlings, concepts and presentations. The magician writes an ‘X’ on the blister pack of gum (with a Sharpie) and with a tiny wave of the hand the X jumps to the next compartment – with no cover! With another wave of the hand the X slowly creeps across the face of the pack – spectators freak out.

JumpInk includes eveything you need to perform right out of the box. The gimmick packs very small and both set up and clean up are a cinch. The DVD contains live performances from the streets of Budapest along with a detailed instruction section including handling tips and performance advice.

From now until midnight July 4th – Independence Day – get a free ‘Download It’ download of your choice with any order over $75. The Download It section contains all of our downloads – excluding those which are also available on DVD – simply add the video to your cart and it’ll automatically price itself at ‘$0.00′

But we’re not stopping there –  we’ve put together a special pack for July 4th – 1800 Red, 1800 Blue and Rich Ferguson’s Flourishes DVD, all for $16.95 – that’s more than 50% off regular price! It’s available on the 1800 Page from the Drop-down menu – but only until midnight July 4th.

Already have the DVD? No problem – we’ll still give you 10% off a Red/Blue 1800 deck combo. Because we’re nice like that.

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